Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 6.14.2019 US & Canada Trade Union Venezuela Resolutions; Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan

Venezuela Embassy Protectors

Help Embassy Protector activist injured by rightwing opposition protesters


Trade union resolutions​​ opposing US Intervention in Venezuela​:​

 SFLC ​ ​CTU ​ ​UUP ​ ​AFT​ ​ CUPW​ ​ CUPE​ ​ CLC​ ​ UE



John Kiriakou: Why Is NPR Carrying Water for Trump on Venezuela?

​​Roger Harris: Venezuela’s Bolivarian R​evolution in the Crosshairs of US Imperialism

Tricontinental: Venezuela and hybrid wars in Latin America

Bloomberg News: U.S. on Sidelines as Allies Struggle for New Venezuela Strategy

Sputnik News: Venezuela’s Guaido Says No Plans for More Talks in Norway

Sputnik News: US Imports of Venezuelan Oil at Zero For Three Weeks in a Row

Workers World: Chavismo trains social movement leaders to defend Caracas

TeleSur: How Venezuelans Turn to Collective Action to Defy US Blockade



Medea Benjamin: Travel to Cuba Falls Victim to John Bolton’s Wrath


Brazil and Lula

The Intercept:  Exclusive: Brazil’s Top Prosecutors Who Indicted Lula Schemed in Secret Messages to Prevent His Party From Winning 2018 Election



Haiti Liberte  Haiti Uprising Rekindled After Latest Corruption Report



Dan Kovalik available to speak in your area on US Intervention in Venezuela and Latin America

Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan June 2019   



Delegatio​​ns to Venezuela (August 19-28)    ​  Bolivia (October 16-25)

End Venezuela Sanctions Delegation July 4-14


Facebook & Websites to follow​​ Venezuela​ ​

Stand with Venezuela

Orinoco Tribune

Venezuela Solidarity New York  


End Venezuela Sanctions

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