Venezuela-ALBA Weekly News 6.21.2019 US Sanctions is Warfare against Civilian Populations

Venezuela Embassy Protectors

Support the Embassy Protection Collective’s efforts to challenge US intervention in Venezuela

Help Embassy Protector activist injured by rightwing opposition protesters



The Lancet: Effect of Sanctions on Venezuelans’ Health Care

The American Conservative: Sanctions Are Suffocating the Venezuelan People

Grayzone: From coup leaders to con artists: Juan Guaidó’s gang exposed for massive humanitarian aid fraud

Mint Press News: How the Coup in Venezuela and the US Housing Crisis are Inextricably Connected

Countercurrents: Sanctions Are Genocidal, and They Are the US’ Favorite Weapon

Orinoco Tribune: Nino Pagliccia: Sorting out Reality from Fiction on Venezuela

Mision Verdad: CLAP Under Attack: All You Need to Know about it

21st Century Wire: The Life of Hugo Chavez (video)

Venezuelanalysis: Latest Corruption Network Dismantled in Venezuelan Oil Industry



Granma: Cuba: Where do Washington Millions for the Counter Revolution go?

TeleSur: Cuba Condemns US Siege, Stresses Commitment to Socialism

TeleSur: Cuban private sector hard hit by recent US sanctions



TeleSur: UN, Unions Laud Bolivia’s Work to Value Indigenous Languages



NicaNotes:Remembering the Triumph over Somoza and Last Year’s Failed Coup



June 25 NYC Mark Weisbrot, Anya Parampil:The Struggle Against Sanctions: Venezuela

Latin America workshops at the Left Forum June 28-30, Long Island University, NYC



Venezuela (August 19-28)      

Bolivia (October 16-25)


Dan Kovalik available to speak in your area on US Intervention in Venezuela and Latin America

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