Venezuela-ALBA Weekly News 6.7.2019: US Dramatically Steps up its Economic War on Cuba

Dan Kovalik available to speak in your area on US Intervention in Venezuela and Latin America


Newsweek: “You can now go to Jail for Offering Food and Shelter to a Migrant. What Have we Become?   Statement from No More Deaths



In These Times: Venezuela Is a Case Study in the Brutality of U.S. Sanctions

The Real News: U.S. Prepares Sanctions to Block Food Program for Millions of Venezuelans

Socialist Action: Two Venezuelan embassy protectors speak about their experience

In Secret Recording, Pompeo Laments Unity Against Maduro Is ‘Devilishly Difficult’

TeleSur: UN Recognizes Venezuela Among Top Nations for Right to Housing

Orinoco Tribune: China and Russia Pledge Support to Venezuela against US Aggression

WOLA (Washington Office on Latin America) Gets Behind US Regime Change Agenda in Venezuela

Nuestra America: Jesús Faría (PSUV Vice President for a Productive Economy) on Revolutions and Imperialist Aggression



The Real News: Trump Targets Cuba’s Tourism and Small Businesses

Granma: Cuba is not intimidated by measures adopted to reinforce the blockade

Pastors for Peace caravan to Cuba route schedule June 8-21



NicaNotes: ‘Unreported World’ and the misreporting of Nicaragua


Upcoming Events

Bay Area forum on Cuba and  Venezuela June 7

NYC Report on Venezuela June 7   Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico June 14

June 13 Dan Kovalik at Peoples Forum NYC: US Intervention in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela

Chicago Report  on Venezuela June 9 



Delegations to Venezuela (August 19-28)        Bolivia (October 16-25)

End Venezuela Sanctions Delegation July 4-14


Facebook & Websites to follow Venezuela

Stand with Venezuela

Orinoco Tribune

Venezuela Solidarity New York  

End Venezuela Sanctions

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