Venezuela-ALBA Weekly #214 6.22.2018: The Struggle Against Washington’s Latin America Policy Advances

Nicaraguan Opposition Leaders with Rubio

Venezuela Condemns Opposition Violence in Nicaragua

Corporate Media talk coup in Venezuela because it sits on oil US empire wants – Abby Martin

Max Blumenthal: US Gov. Meddling Machine Boasts of ‘Laying the Groundwork for Insurrection’ in Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s Paramilitary Opposition Wages Intimidation and Media Terror Campaign

Evo Morales: The United States is the worst threat for world peace, human rights and Mother Earth

Aleida Guevara talks about her father, Che

ALBA Initiative in UN Committee  Supports Puerto Rico’s inalienable right to self-determination and independence

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH LULA: The injustice committed against me is an injustice against the Brazilian people

Immigrant Children Drugged and Given Forced Injections at Texas Detention Facility, Lawsuit Says

‘This Is What Solidarity Looks Like’: Mass Demonstrations at LaGuardia Airport as Kids Ripped From Parents Arrive in New York

Making Sense of Venezuela: A report back from the presidential election, Thursday June 28

Task Force on Americas Report on Venezuela  Sunday, July 1, 2018

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