Venezuela-ALBA Weekly #215 6.29.2018


SURES (Estudio y Defensa en Derechos Humanos) Report on Sanctions Effect on Venezuelan People’s Human Rights

Joe Emersberger: Why Venezuela Reporting Is So Bad, Review of Alan MacLeod’s Bad News From Venezuela

Dan Kovalik: The US, Nicaragua and the continuing counter-revolutionary War

Real News Network: US Gov’t Regime Change Machine Exacerbates Nicaragua’s Violent Protests

Tortilla con Sal on the latest Regime Change events in Nicaragua

Maduro Dubs US VP Mike Pence a ‘Viper’ who is Touring Latin America

Venezuelan Campesinos Occupy Land Institute in Ongoing Confrontation

General strike against failed policy paralyzes Argentina

An Example for the US: Cuba’s Family medicine, an achievement of the Revolution

AFGJ Venezuela webinar with William Camacaro

Task Force on Americas Reportback on Venezuela delegation July 1

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