End Sanctions on DPRK, End Korean War – Deirdre Griswold Reports, July 7

deirdre griswold forum picture

Saturday July 7, 7pm

United Electrical Workers (UE) Hall

37 S. Ashland, Chicago


The Korean people in the north and south have struggled against US domination since 1945. Washington has a long history of seeking to overthrow North Korea, even before their genocidal war on DPRK (1950-53) that killed one fifth of the population, according to US Generals. This was the US Empire’s first defeat in war.

She will discuss the gross disinformation about North Korea in the US, the country’s tenacity in maintaining its independence despite constant US military threats, and the prospects now with the new agreement signed.

Deirdre Griswold first traveled to North Korea in the 1980s, and met with Kim Il Sung. Since then she has been to both the north and the south several times to report on the situation in those countries. She is an editor of Workers World newspaper and has written several books on international issues. She will discuss US corporate media disinformation about North Korea, how the country has been able to defend its people, has maintained itself in spite of continuous US war threats and sanctions, and has built a society their citizens are proud of.


Sponsors: Chicago ALBA Solidarity, Workers World Party -Chicago

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