Venezuela & ALBA News 5.20.2022: Latin American Nations Object to US Role in Summit of Americas; Workers and Peoples Counter Summits

Common Dreams (Medea Benjamin): US Risks Sinking Summit of the Americas Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua not invited. Heads of state of Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Guatemala, 15 nations of Caricom also refused to attend or are still considering.

US Government denies visas to Cuban civil society delegation to Peoples Summit 

US Lawmakers Admit: US Sanctions a Lead Cause of Suffering in Venezuela

Venezuela Condemns Israeli Forces Attack on Murdered Palestinian Journalist’s Funeral

TeleSur: Venezuelans Pay Tribute to Journalist Killed by Israel

Venezuelanalysis: Venezuela to Engage with Oil Companies as Washington Eases Restrictions US Court Postpones Decision on the Diplomatic Immunity of Alex Saab


Events and Webinars 

Wednesdays: WTF is Going on in Latin America & The Caribbean with Teri Mattson

May 20: Cuba’s New Family Code

May 21 launch: Women in Nicaragua: Power and Protagonism: A virtual course with an optional in-person visit to the country

May 22: Light & Legacy: Ben Linder’s Work Continues

May 24: Cuba Reportback from International May Day Brigade

May 26-June 30: 13th Minnesota Cuban Film Festival  (photos)

June 2: Venezuela’s Stand on the War in Ukraine with Carlos Ron

June 8-10: Code Pink The People’s Summit, Los Angeles including June 10 protest at Summit of the Americas

June 10-12 Workers Summit of the Americas, Tijuana 


Friends of the ATC delegations to Nicaragua 2022

Women in Nicaragua: Power & Protagonism August 6-15

Pastors for Peace delegations to Cuba 2022

August 12-24 Simply Cuba tours

If you have events to publicize or find helpful articles for readers on the ALBA 

countries you can post them on Facebook here: Venezuela or Venezuela; Nicaragua; Bolivia; Latin America in general (here or here) Or send them to

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