June 2 webinar: Venezuela’s Position on the Ukraine War with Carlos Ron, Venezuela Vice Minister for North America

Venezuela’s Stand on the War in Ukraine

Thursday June 2, 7pm ET

Register here

Carlos Ron, President, Simón Bolívar Institute, and Venezuela’s Vice Minister for North America, will explain Venezuela’s position on the war in the Ukraine and its causes, and Venezuela’s call for negotiations to end the conflict.

Previous statements by Chavista government officials:

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Ultima Noticias: Venezuela expresses its concern over the worsening of the crisis in Ukraine
Regrets “the mockery and breach” of the Minsk Agreements by NATO 

Sponsors: Alliance for Global Justice, Chicago ALBA Solidarity,  Task Force on the Americas, Orinoco Tribune, Frente Hugo Chavez para la Defensa de los Pueblos-Vancouver,  Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York

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