Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 4.15.2022: 20th anniversary of victory over US coup; reports on Alex Saab trial; Alex Saab webinar

Free Alex Saab Case
Popular Resistance (Roger Harris): US’s Flaunting of Diplomatic Immunity for Alex Saab Challenged in Court 

Transcript of April 6 Court Hearing on Alex Saab’s Diplomatic Immunity

April 26: Webinar on Alex Saab case with Alfred de Zayas, Presidents of the National Lawyers Guild, Oscar Lopez Rivera and Camila Saab

Kawsachun News: Venezuela’s Maduro slams Western attempt to dismember Russia and the Western media dictatorship “They are lining up, economically, politically, and diplomatically in the West for a big war against Russia. From Venezuela, we denounce it,” Maduro said. “They want a war to dismember Russia, destroy it in pieces and end the hope of a multi-polar world where we can all live… We are experiencing a Western media dictatorship against the world,” whose fundamental purpose is to “justify an escalation that could lead to a disastrous war” against Russia.

CEPR: The Venezuela Coup, Twenty Years Later

Covert Action: Venezuela Seeks Investigation by International Criminal Court (ICC) as to Whether U.S. Sanctions Constitute Crimes Against Humanity

Venezuelanalysis: Thousands March to Commemorate Coup Defeat Anniversary

Peoples Dispatch: Venezuela’s Great Housing Mission achieves major milestone of delivering 4 million homes

Orinoco Tribune: Maduro: 20 years ago the people defeated the imperialist coup

Granma: Bucha or the fabricated lie 

Dan Kovalik’s new book: Nicaragua, A History of US Intervention & Resistance

Code Pink Teri Mattson: Food Sovereignty-Nicaragua’s No Hunger Policy

April 24: Nicaragua, Bold Leader in the Climate Crisis
April 26: Alex Saab case with Alfred de Zayas, Presidents of the National Lawyers Guild, American Association of Jurists, Oscar Lopez Rivera and Camila Saab
April 28: 20 years since the coup against Hugo Chávez – Tariq Ali & Venezuela speakers
May 16 Solidarity with Bolivia – the People in Power

Friends of the ATC delegations to Nicaragua 2022
Pastors for Peace delegations to Cuba 2022
Pastors for Peace 32nd Friendship Caravan to Cuba July 16-30

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