Venezuela & ALBA News 5.14.2021: Venezuela Stands with Palestinian and Colombian people

Video: Hugo Chávez on Israeli terrorism and genocide against Palestinians

Venezuela Ministry of Foreign Relations: Venezuela condemns the new violent actions committed by Israel against the Palestinian people The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its most firm condemnation of the new violent and unjustifiable actions committed against the brotherly Palestinian people by the State of Israel, which include the application of forced displacements of legitimate inhabitants of the Sheikh Jarrah community, as well as the inhumane execution of indiscriminate bombings against the civilian population. These events constitute a severe violation of the human rights of the Palestinian population and have increased precisely during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The world must demand the end of this new phase of Zionist violence against the Palestinian people, as well as the commitment of the actors on the ground with a cessation of hostilities, the protection of human rights and the guarantee of inviolability of the saints. sacred places for the Muslim and Christian communities.

Ultima Noticias: National Assembly solidarity with the Colombian people The Assembly denounced the agents of the Colombian police and the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (Esmad) for the destruction, with the aim of reducing the strength of the popular demonstration. Freddy Bernal made a presentation of the betrayals, murders and poverty that the Colombian people live before a government incapable of protecting and guaranteeing a quality of life for its citizens. “ECLAC, in its latest report, indicated that Colombia has 34.1% poverty. 21 million Colombians are in poverty, but also 4.3% of the critical poverty that represents 7 million…It produces 951 metric tons of cocaine, 76% of the narcotic on planet earth, according to information from the US federal agency…From the year 85 to the present there are a total of 9 million victims among the dead, disappeared and displaced.”

Ultima Noticias: Delcy Rodríguez: Colombia is a failed imperial project “Colombia is a failed imperial project that has condemned its people to the worst crisis ever seen: the world’s leading drug producer, excluded from the country’s political life and unable to express themselves freely! Venezuela will always be an example for Bolívar’s children! ”

Mision Verdad: Colombia as Imperial Beachhead: The War of the Colombian Oligarchy and Duque against Venezuela One year after it sought to invade Venezuela and capture President Nicolás Maduro with Operation Gideon, the Colombian government continues to participate in conspiracies planned in Washington to bring about regime change in Caracas. To review the most threatening events in the political life of Venezuela involving the Colombian oligarchy: Drone attack on President Maduro, battle of the bridges, Operation Gideon, war front in Apure.

The Grayzone: USAID admits to Venezuela regime change fraud An internal USAID report admitting the agency’s policy on Venezuela was driven by the State Department and National Security Council’s push for regime change. The report specifically investigated USAID’s attempt to use the US military to force aid through Venezuela’s border with Colombia on February 23, 2019.

Resumen Latinoamericano:  US Government Report Documents US Responsibility for Venezuela’s Humanitarian Dilemma The Congressional Research Service report concludes: “The failure to dislodge Maduro from power demonstrated the limits of US and other international efforts to prompt political change in Venezuela. Unilateral US policies, such as oil sanctions, arguably worsened the humanitarian crisis in the country and caused divisions within the international coalition that once backed Guaidó.” In other words, despite inhumane sanctions by the US and its allies, the Bolivarian Revolution has endured because of its popular support.

Orinoco Tribune: President Maduro Criticizes Officials who end up Becoming ‘Little Kings’ All public servants, elected by vote or designated by the president of the Republic, must govern in response to the needs of the people and not become “little kings,” said Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. He stressed that any model in which the leaders do not know where the people who think and propose are, is simply another bourgeois government. In response to a complaint of a worker spokeswoman about the need for managers to take the workers into account, the president reiterated that the workers must be part of the boards of directors in all nationalized enterprises.



Global Health Partners: Syringes for Cuba campaign Saving Lives Campaign and Global Health Partners are building a broad-based, urgent drive to supply these vital medical tools to Cuba. The country has a shortage of 20 million syringes vital to the goal of vaccinating the entire Cuban population against Covid. We are committed to raising $100,000 this month to start rushing syringes to Cuba. Please show your solidarity now with a country that has done so much for the health of its own people, and for struggling communities around the world. Over the past year alone, Cuba has sent 3,700 health workers, in 52 international medical brigades, to 39 countries overwhelmed by the pandemic. Cuba’s international medical brigades have treated patients and saved lives for the past 15 years in 53 countries confronting natural disasters and serious epidemics, such as the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

Workers World: Cuban unions build socialism What are the differences between unions in capitalist countries and socialist countries? What is labor’s role in a socialist country? The CTC reviews all new laws before they are enacted, and labor law has workers’ rights at its center. Cuban union members meet every two months to ask questions, to get answers — in each of the 19 sectoral unions, at every level. All managers are required to account for the budget, given from the government, to a general assembly of the workers.


Pressenza: 50 years of Open Veins of Latin America: “a book to understand life and the world” The book tells the history of exploitation in the continent whose richness has been bled dry since the 15th century. Focusing on the natural resources of the region that were commodified by foreign economic powerhouses, such as silver, gold, oil, cotton, coffee, fruits, and sugar, Galeano shows how the colonial situation was imposed and provided the foundation for the dependent capitalism installed in Latin American countries.



Webinar video: Marking Venezuela’s African Heritage Month w/Anti-Blockade Vice Minister William Castillo

May 23 documentary: Nicaragua Against Empire

May 28: Panel on Alternative Media, Coordination, Cooperation Orinoco Tribune 2½ Anniversary  Ben Norton (The GrayZone), Camila Escalante (KawsachunNews), Jesus Rodriguez Espinosa (Orinoco Tribune)

June 10: The US Regime Change Agenda: Hypocrisy and Double Standards with Francisco Dominguez (Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, UK), Teri Mattson (Code Pink), John Perry (Nicaragua)


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