Venezuela & ALBA News 05.07.2021: History of US Economic War on Venezuela; Biden follows Trump policy; webinars

The Violence and Economic Destruction Caused by US Economic Sanctions in VenezuelaJoe Sammut and Gregory Wilpert an important chapter in the book Viviremos: Venezuela vs Hybrid War. A valuable summary of the US sanctions imposed on Venezuela and their effect on its economy.



Popular Resistance: US Government Report Documents its Responsibility for Venezuela’s Humanitarian Dilemma An official US Congressional Research Service report issued April 28, Venezuela: Background and US Relations, suggests the Venezuelan government has valid arguments that it is being strangulated by US sanctions.

Mision Verdad: US Senators Cruz and Rubio Introduce Bill to Continue Theft of Venezuelan Resources

TeleSur: Capitalism Obstructs Global Environmental Goals, Arreaza Warns Faced with the impossibility of achieving major environmental goals, Arreaza called on the peoples of the world to undertake the construction of another social system in which the majorities exercise power and not the big corporations.

TeleSur: Blinken Vows Pressure on Caracas Until ‘Return to Democracy’ U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken´s speech at the 51st Conference of the Americas left no doubt that despite previous campaign promises, the Biden administration seems to follow his predecessor and remains bent on a confrontational course with countries in the region, such as Cuba,  Nicaragua, and Venezuela. 

Ultima Noticias: 10 years of Great Venezuela Housing Mission: 3.5 million homes delivered with a new goal: 5 million  President Maduro highlighted the importance of the launch of this initiative which has brought happiness and dignity to the Venezuelan people by building and offering affordable housing compared to those offered by the capitalist market. “The Great Mission Housing Venezuela and Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor have to go in a single plan, with a single vision, building housing and decent habitat for the happiness of all Venezuelan families…We are going to the communal cities with the Great Venezuela Housing Mission to give power to the people, to give power to the communities.”

Orinoco Tribune: Sixth Shipment of Russia’s  Sputnik V vaccine: Venezuela Already has 1.48 Million Doses



US Church and Humanitarian Organization Letter to Secretary of State Blinken calling for an end to the US Blockade

American churches and religious organizations sent a letter to President Biden, calling for the reversal of Trump’s measures and the improvement of the bilateral relations with Cuba



NicaNotes: Stop the RENACER Act! Further Action is still necessary! New bill in Congress worsening the economic war on Nicaragua. This new sanctions bill is meant to reinforce the Nicaragua Investment Conditionality Act (Nica Act) of December of 2018, whose purpose was to cut off access to development financing from the World Bank, the IMF, the Inter-American Development Bank and others.

NicaNotes: How Nicaragua Thrives Despite Illegal U.S. Intervention



Orinoco Tribune: Morales Condemns European Parliament’s ‘Colonialist’ Mindset towards Bolivia In an open letter addressed to the “old continent” via his account on the social network Twitter, Morales expressed this Tuesday his “great surprise” concerning last week’s approval of a resolution by the European Parliament, in which it called for the release of the former president of the de facto government, Jeanine Áñez, labeling her detention as “arbitrary and illegal.” “This clearly demonstrates how some sectors of Europe still retain a colonialist and humiliating disposition towards the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean”; he lamented  that “more than five centuries have passed since colonization and it still seems like it happened yesterday.”



Webinar video: Peoples Forum with Vijay Prashad, Carlos Ron on Viviremos

Webinar video:  Armed Conflict on the Venezuela-Colombia Border: The Battle of Apure

Webinar video: 60 Years Ago Until Today! Defining Anniversaries of the Cuban Revolution

Webinar video: Helen Yaffe’s book Cuba: How a Revolutionary People Have Survived in a Post-Soviet World

May 7: US/Canada Hands Off Venezuela! Online Picket Action Featuring Leonardo Flores of Code Pink and Nelson Herrera of the Vice-Presidency of the Working Class of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). Hosted by the Venezuela Peace Committee:

May 9: Marking Venezuela’s African Heritage Month w/Anti-Blockade Vice Minister William Castillo

May 11: Perspectives from Havana in a Year of Covid and Embargo A Series of Weekly Conversations – The Next Generation  Like the rest of the world, Cuba have just completed the first full year of Covid 19. It has done so with the full force of the U.S. embargo on its neck. This week: Perspectives from Havana: Sociologist and Feminist Marta Nuñez. 

May 15 documentary: Nicaragua Against Empire

May 19: The Gains of Venezuela’s Indigenous Peoples during the Bolivarian Revolution and their Struggle against the US Economic War


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