Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 1.15.2021: National Assembly raises greater communal power; Maduro’s report on 2020; webinars


Orinoco Tribune: 2020, An Exceptional Year for Venezuela: Key Points of the President’s Annual Address to the Nation “The most brutal thing we have faced is the economic war. The attack in the last five years has been multifaceted. It has attacked all fronts: gold, oil, import of goods, domestic production. There is no front that has not been attacked.” He pointed out that in 2020, 400 thousand more tons of food were produced on Venezuela’s soil, and that “it’s almost reaching a point of self-sufficiency with Venezuelan production.”

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuelan Parliament Aims to Strengthen Communal Power Rodríguez said that the new parliamentary management “will go towards the Communal Parliament. This management will go towards the formation of laws to protect the communal cities, the communes, and the communal councils,” implying a relaunch or reform of the laws of popular power and the enactment of others, among them the Communal Cities Law, considered by many to be a missing piece of legislation for the advancement of self-government in the country.

The Grayzone: Venezuelan Foreign Minister on why Juan Guaidó wasn’t arrested & the left’s revival in Latin America

Orinoco Tribune: Biden’s New Adviser for Venezuela’s Opinion of Juan Guaidó: “The diplomatic prowess of Juan Guaidó in handling the cause for democracy in Venezuela as a bipartisan and non-political issue in Washington must be recognized. It is a very difficult job but he has done it much better than other countries,” wrote the future gringo official in his Twitter account.

Sputnik News: Maduro Asked West to Unfreeze Venezuelan Funds to Purchase Vaccines, Was Refused “The governments of Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the US and their financial institutions have frozen and blocked funds for access to a vaccine. We demanded via the WTO that they provide us with access to funds, and we were refused.”

Ultima Noticias: List of Venezuelan media and opponents funded by London revealed  



Resumen: Ecuador’s Election Promises Advance for Progressive Forces in Latin America If Arauz stays the course the revolución ciudadana will continue. Arauz is campaigning on the promises of rolling back Moreno’s privatizations, standing firm against the IMF and international capital, recuperating education and healthcare, and restricting capital flight. He promises to reinstate Assange’s Ecuadorian citizenship and assert Ecuador’s sovereignty in international affairs.

TeleSur: Ecuador’s Largest Workers Union Calls for General Strike The United Workers’ Front Union supports nationwide demonstrations to take place on January 28 to protest President Lenin Moreno’s policies.



Cuba Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Firm, absolute condemnation of fraudulent qualification of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism Putting Cuba on this list is meant to be a thorn in any plan by the Biden administration for rapprochement. Taking Cuba off the list will require a review process that could take months. It will also cause further pain to Cuba’s economy, already battered by tightened sanctions and the pandemic that has devastated the island’s tourism industry.

Granma: Why are There No Social Outbursts in Cuba?

$10,000 Matching Fund for “Support Cuba’s Contribution to World Fight Against COVID and Cuba’s Internationalist Medical Missions”



TeleSur: Nicaragua: National Assembly Approves Law To Defend Its People The legislation will sanction individuals who “encourage terrorist acts, who carry out acts that undermine independence, sovereignty, and self-determination, which incite foreign interference in internal affairs.”

NicaNotes: Unelectable coup mongers

Friends of the ATC announces 2021 internships in Nicaragua


Events, Webinars

Code Pink petition: PBS: We want balanced Venezuela coverage!

Video of January 9: Venezuela After the Elections Vijay Prashad; Carlos Ron, Venezuelan Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs; Alicia Castro, Former Argentinian Ambassador to Venezuela; Leonardo Flores, CodePink

Vidco of January 12: Venezuela-Iran: A natural alliance in the face of illegal sanctions Dan Kovalik, Foad Izadi, University of Teheran

January 16: How the US blockade impacts Cuban agriculture

January 16: Alternatives to Policing – Policing in Cuba Cuban Ambassador, Yanet Pumariega Pérez; Executive Director of Alliance of Families for Justice (AFJ), Soffiyah Elijah; Seattle Black Panther Party co-founder, Aaron Dixon.

January 17: Join Vijay Prashad on his new book, Viviremos: Venezuela vs. Hybrid War

January 17: How U.S. Policy is Hurting Hondurans and Nicaraguans

January 17: Lift the US Blockade of Cuba

January 21: Venezuela’s Struggle for Food Sovereignty under the US Blockade William Camacaro interviews Hugo Alberto Nieves of Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current (CRBZ)

January 24: Webinar: Nicaragua’s Popular Economy and Creative Development

February 2: Ecuador’s Presidential Election: Monica Palacios, UNES candidate for North America, interviewed by Joe Emersberger

Delegation: Sanctions Kill/Friends of ATC  to Nicaragua February 13-23, 2020



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