Venezuela & ALBA News 1.8.2021 West’s Stance on Venezuela is Shifting; four Venezuela webinars Jan 9, 12, 17, 21

  A New World Is Possible: Combating COVID-19

                                            Deaths per Million

Cuba                                                 13

Venezuela                                         37

Nicaragua                                         25

US                                                 1,129

Canada                                            437

Mexico                                          1,101

Dominican Republic                    222

Jamaica                                            103

Belize                                                665

El Salvador                                      214

Guatemala                                       272

Honduras                                         320

Costa Rica                                        447

Panama                                             993

Argentina                                        972

Bolivia                                               791

Brazil                                                 940

Chile                                                  881

Colombia                                          884

Ecuador                                             797

Guyana                                              212

Paraguay                                           328

Peru                                                 1,146

Suriname                                            221

Uruguay                                               66

Granma: 18th Summit of the ALBA bloc The debate focused on analysis of the current political situation and the challenges posed by the COVID-19pandemic, as well as the importance of the reincorporation of Bolivia to the bloc. Another reason to celebrate was the victory of the Great Patriotic Pole inVenezuela and the re-elections of Ralph Gonsalves as Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesand Timothy Harris as Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Some of the main agreements made at the Summit included the reactivation of the ALBA’s Economic Council and the Sucre as exchange currency, the activation of cryptocurrency, the strengthening of Petrocaribe and the Bank of the organization that provides financial aid and funds to the state members.



Venezuela condemns the political polarization and the spiral of violence in the U.S. With this unfortunate episode, the United States is experiencing what it has generated in other countries with its policies of aggression.

Alison Bodine: Venezuela Elections – A Key Victory for Anti-Imperialist Movement in Latin America it should also not be forgotten that the continuation of the Bolivarian revolution, its dynamic and its impact was a driving factor of keeping the anti-imperialist movement strong and resilient in Bolivia. The resistance of the Bolivarian revolutionary people of Venezuela to U.S. domination maintains and nourishes the anti-imperialist spirit in Bolivia and Latin America…The blow that the people of Venezuela have dealt to the domination of the United States and their imperialist allies in Latin America also gives a boost to those fighting against the war at home. Poor, working and oppressed people within the “belly of the beast,” are in a better position to fight for their rights when the beast is wounded. On February 19, 2019 the Foreign Minister of Venezuela Jorge Arreaza tweeted “the time and resources that these imperialist gentlemen spend on Bolivarian Venezuela can only mean one thing: like 200 years ago, today we are also at the geopolitical epicenter of the multipolar world in the making #HandsOffVenezuela.” (Rick Sterling): Who To Believe About Venezuela’s Election: Firsthand observation or PBS Newshour?

Fred Fuentes: Venezuelan MP from Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current: ‘We need a patriotic, ethical and democratic National Assembly’ The new National Assembly has to work on laws to help the economy recover — recovering workers’ wages, recovering the purchasing power of Venezuelans, which has been annihilated as a result of the economic war against Venezuela. Currently, we face extreme levels of corruption within the state, and that has a big impact on the situation. If we are honest and objective, we have to accept that the problem is not just the sanctions or blockade; there’s a lot of corruption at different levels of the state.

Peoples Dispatch: European Union will no longer recognize Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela Despite the fact that the EU will no longer recognize Guaidó, they still do not recognize the results of the December 6 elections. They have also made no indications that they will address the application of unilateral coercive measures on Venezuela by EU member countries or the over-compliance to these measures by different EU based companies and financial institutions.

Washington Post: Venezuelan opposition efforts to capture government’s foreign assets draw scrutiny

Code Pink’s Teri Mattson’s short videos from Venezuela (one) (two)



Jacobin: Former Ecuador consul in London: “I Was Fired for Helping Julian Assange, and I Have No Regrets”  I never trusted the security in the embassy. They were brought on in 2012, two months after Julian’s arrival. I think the company was very unprofessional. They were misrepresenting Julian’s behavior inside the embassy. There is an obsession with trying to link WikiLeaks to Russia. I don’t think there is any ground for this — neither in terms of the Russian state, nor Russian intelligence services.



Prensa Latina: Cuba will administer anti- COVID Nasalferon to travelers and families Cuba will start administering Nasalferon, a drug produced by the country’s biotechnology industry, to travelers and their relatives in order to prevent the replication of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and strengthen their immune system.



Prensa Latina: Nicaraguan capital conceives ambitious infrastructure plan One of the pillars of the program will be the construction of 3,000 houses, after concluding the previous year with 1,200 new housing units. The new houses plus the 4,000 plots of land delivered will benefit 7,000 families from the capital, about 35,000 people.


Events, Webinars

January 9: Venezuela After the Elections Vijay Prashad; Carlos Ron, Venezuelan Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs; Alicia Castro, Former Argentinian Ambassador to Venezuela; Leonardo Flores, CodePink

January 12: Venezuela-Iran: A natural alliance in the face of illegal sanctions Dan Kovalik, Foad Izadi, University of Teheran

January 17: Join Vijay Prashad on his new book, Viviremos: Venezuela vs. Hybrid War

January 21: Venezuela’s Struggle for Food Sovereignty under the US Blockade William Camacaro will interview Hugo Alberto Nieves of Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current (CRBZ)

Friends of the ATC announces 2021 internships in Nicaragua

$10,000 Matching Fund for “Support Cuba’s Contribution to World Fight Against COVID and Cuba’s Internationalist Medical Missions”

Delegation: Sanctions Kill/Friends of ATC  to Nicaragua February 13-23, 2020


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Friends of Evo’s Bolivia

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