Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 9.25.2020 Presidential Addresses to the UN General Assembly; Venezuela Responses to Sham Human Rights Report

President Maduro Speech to UN General Assembly September 23, 2020 The United States of America, far from taking a positive or proactive leadership position, conducts itself erratically under a government that is intransigent and hostile to diplomacy and high politics, since it openly disregards multilateralism and any type of pre-existing global rule.

Continuing on the path of violation of the United Nations Charter will lead them inexorably to the isolation, discredit and condemnation of the history of peoples, including that of their own people, the people of the United States, who have taken to the streets to protest against racism, against police brutality, against abuse.

More than $30 billion have been taken from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, frozen and held in bank accounts in the United States and Europe. Venezuela has prepared to resist and is resisting this offensive of criminal, inhumane aggression. Venezuela has prepared to overcome this blockade by the government of the United States of North America. It is a battle for pace, for our Homeland, for the region, for humanity.

The United States – we must say this – in the course of history, has become the most significant threat to peace in this world.

The 25th democratic election in 20 years will be held Sunday, December 6th, 2020. This time, to renew the Legislative Power, with the participation of more than 14,400 candidates, from more than 107 political organizations from the entire national ideological spectrum.

Granma: President Miguel Díaz-Canel of Cuba Speech UN General Assembly Over 1.9 trillion dollars are being squandered today in a senseless arms race promoted by the aggressive, war-mongering policies of imperialism, whose leader is the present U.S. government, which is responsible for 38 percent of global military expenditures.

There is no way to sustain any longer, as if it were natural and unshakable, an unequal, unjust and anti-democratic International order where selfishness prevails over solidarity and the mean interests of a powerful minority over the legitimate aspirations of millions of people.

Today, we are witnessing with sadness the disaster the world has been led to by the irrational and unsustainable production and consumption system of capitalism, decades of an unjust international order and the implementation of ruthless and rampant neoliberalism, which has widened inequalities and sacrificed the right of peoples to development.

Neoliberalism puts aside and discards millions of human beings and condemns them to survive on the leftovers from the banquet of the richest one percent. 690 million people who were going hungry in 2019 might be joined by a further 130 million as a result of the economic recession. While the U.S. government ignores appeals to combine efforts to fight the pandemic and is withdrawing from the WHO, Cuba, in response to requests received and guided by the profound solidarity and humanistic vocation of our people, is expanding cooperation, sending over 3,700 professionals in 46 medical brigades to 39 countries and territories facing COVID-19.c recession caused by the pandemic.

The aggressiveness of the blockade has reached a qualitatively higher level that further confirms its role as a concrete, determinant impediment to the functioning of our economy and the development of our country.

Venezuela Ministry of Foreign Relations: Political Motivations Behind Biased Human Rights Report on Venezuela The Venezuelan foreign minister said this report aims to undermine the joint work carried out by the Venezuelan Government and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and boycott the process of political dialogue in the country and the parliamentary elections to be held on December 6, 2020. As a matter of fact, it was released on the eve of these elections.

Mision Verdad: Dissecting the UN Independent Fact-Finding Mission Report on Venezuela The actual report here The report is released in the prelude to the upcoming parliamentary elections in Venezuela. It was ratified by the International Contact Group organized by the European Union (EU) to deal with the political crisis in Venezuela and, after its publication, the EU has ratified its position of not observing and accompanying the next elections in the country.

The report now becomes an instrument not only for the criminalization of Venezuelan authorities, it is also a watershed in the international institutional commitment to deny the legitimacy of the Venezuelan elections and their quality of political solution.

Orinoco Tribune: US Sanctions on Elections- Trump Now Sanctions Opposition Leaders from Voluntad Popular and Accion Democratica The US sanctioned five representatives of the Venezuelan opposition, including the political leader from Accion Democratica, Bernabé Gutiérrez. The measure includes Chaim Bucarán and Guillermo Luces, deputies to the National Assembly and directors of the Un Nuevo Tiempo and Voluntad Popular parties. Miguel Ponente, secretary general of Primero Justicia, and Williams José Benavides Rondón, appointed as head of Tupamaros, were also sanctioned.

The Grayzone: Anya Parampil speaks with Caracas-based journalist Diego Sequera, a columnist with Mision Verdad, about recent developments in Venezuela

Nica Notes: COVID-19: On The Decline in Nicaragua as its Critics Fall Silent The Pan American Health Organization reports the country has the lowest Covid-19 death rate in the Americas. Nicaragua prepared early – equipping 19 hospitals to handle severe respiratory illnesses, training all 36,000 health staff in dealing with the virus, maintaining strict health checks at borders with supervised quarantine for new arrivals, making house-to-house visits with volunteer health brigades dispensing advice (some five million visits in total), tracing the contacts of the vast majority of known cases, and setting up a free telephone helpline to advise people with symptoms.

It can only be a matter of time before Nicaragua’s effective response to the pandemic is recognized by the corporate media, especially as it is in such contrast to the experience of most other Latin American countries, and of course that of the US and the UK. In the meantime, opinion polls show that Nicaraguans’ trust in their health service, undoubtedly affected by the opposition anti-government coronavirus propaganda campaign earlier in the year, has recovered substantially.


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