Venezuela & ALBA News #320 9.18.2020: Venezuela Breaks New CIA Terrorist Operation Tied to Repression of US BLM Protests

MintPress (Alan Macleod): As Venezuela Foils CIA “Terror Plot” Pompeo Tours Its Neighbors To Talk Regime Change Venezuela’s government has announced it has foiled a potential terror attack, arresting a former CIA operative while he was on a stakeout near the country’s largest oil refining facility. Matthew John Heath was arrested with three other Venezuelans outside the Amuay and Cardon refineries in Falcon state in the west of the country, reportedly carrying a submachine gun, a grenade launcher, four blocks of C4 explosives, a satellite phone, and stacks of U.S. dollars. Silence on the incident from the U.S. government, who never misses an opportunity to escalate tensions with Venezuela, is notable.

Orinoco Tribune: Who is the US Mercenary John Matthew Heath and What About MVM Inc.? He is not just connected with the CIA. In an opinion article written by Bill Conroy, MVM Inc., which Heath is also associated with, is denounced for providing security personnel to capture or kidnap protesters in recent days in the United States during the George Floyd uprising in several cities in that country. They were used to repress protesters in Portland.

Orinoco Tribune:Venezuela’s Attorney General Presents Details on US Spy and Sabotage Plan Against Oil Refineries Venezuela’s attorney general, Tarek Saab, gave details  about the capture of US citizen Matthew John Heath, accused of planning “sabotage and destabilization activities.” Heath was one of the US agents hired to enter Venezuela through the border area of the Colombian Guajira, to “obtain strategic information” on the Amuay Refining Complex, one of the most important in Latin America, located on the western coast of Falcón state, “in order to carry out possible acts of sabotage.”

Orinoco Tribune: In the name of the “democracy” they want, the European Union tells Venezuela to suspend its election. President Maduro tells them to “think better” “They were asking us for something impossible, to suspend the mandatory constitutional elections; I propose to the European Union to think it over to improve our relations.” This is how President Maduro responded to the European Union proposal asking Venezuela to suspend the parliamentary elections of December 6, claiming that they cannot send an observation mission to the country and demanding more electoral conditions.

Sputnik News: UN Report on Alleged Human Rights Violations in Venezuela Full of Lies, Foreign Minister Says “The report is full of lies and was prepared remotely without any methodological rigor by a phantom mission biased against Venezuela and controlled by governments subordinate to Washington,” Arreaza tweeted on Wednesday. The report illustrates the practice of exploiting human rights rhetoric for political purposes, rather than championing human rights. Arreaza recalled that Caracas refused to recognize the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) mission to Venezuela since the moment of its creation in December 2019.

Sputnik News: Venezuelan Military Shoots Down Drug-Laden US Plane The incident was the second since July 8, when another plane with a US registration number was destroyed by fighter jets while intruding into Venezuelan airspace. A month before that, another drug-laden private aircraft was destroyed by the military. Venezuela’s military is equipped with some of the latest Russian military equipment, including the S-300 air defence system, which features long-range radar, as well as Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets, which complement the US and European equipment the country bought before Washington put embargoes on military-related equipment to Caracas in the 2000s.

COHA: New Simón Bolívar Institute for Peace and Solidarity Among Peoples: A Refreshing Contribution from Venezuela to the World The goal of the Institute is to coordinate global solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and the Venezuelan people, and the solidarity of the South American nation toward struggles for social and economic justice of peoples throughout the world. The event was dedicated to the memory and legacy of Kevin Zeese, known internationally as part of the Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective.

Report on Venezuela Sanctions: Starving for Justice? The Compatibility of the United States of America’s Unilateral Coercive Measures with the ‘Right to Food’ in Venezuela Unilateral coercive measures are a foreign policy tool that are thousands of years old and used by states in response to foreign policy concerns. An investigation is conducted into the legal relationship between unilateral coercive measures and the ‘Right to Food,’ and whether US unilateral economic sanctions violate this right in Venezuela. The case study in this research also deals with the ongoing situation of US sanctions against Venezuela. Unilateral coercive measures are contrary to international obligations to ‘respect, protect, and fulfil’ the ‘Right to Food.’


Webinars and Tours

September 19 Tribute to Kevin Zeese organized by Margaret Flowers, others

September 19: 60th anniversary of Fidel Castro’s visit to New York City for the UN General Assembly, including his historic visit to Harlem and meeting with Malcolm X Raul Roa Kouri, former Cuban Representative to UN; Ana Silva Rodriguez, Ambassador  of Cuba to the United Nations; Arnaldo Goenaga Barron, Director of the New York July 26 Movement and part of the 1960 security team for Fidel and the Cuban Delegation

September 20: 60th Anniversary of the Federation of Cuban Women  Ana Silvia Rodriguez, Cuban Ambassador to the UN; Gretel Marante Rosset, FMC International Foreign Affairs, Dayannis Tamayo Preval, Las Isabelas in Santiago, Cuba

September 26: Cuban Doctors Speak: 15 years of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade Danny Glover and Vijay Prashad  host  this event celebrating 15 years of the contingent.

October 3: Fighting blockades & COVID-19: Why US sanctions in Latin America must end Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Nicaragua Solidarity Action Group and Venezuela Solidarity Campaign


2021 Che Guevara Brigade to Cuba


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