Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 8.21.2020: Cuba has new COVID vaccine; video of Arreaza webinar; US Regime Change against Nicaragua

Prensa Latina: President Diaz-Canel congratulates Cuban developers of Covid-19 vaccine President Díaz-Canel congratulated the group of scientists who created the first Cuban vaccine candidate against Covid-19. Vicente Verez Bencomo, general director of the Finlay Institute of Vaccines and project leader, said that the Cuban vaccine candidate presents low risks, few uncertainties and encouraging results in the pre-clinical phase.

Video: Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza – Canada’s Interference in Venezuela The Canadian Foreign Policy Institute hosted a webinar featuring Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza directly from Caracas on #Canada’s interference in #Venezuela. Nearly two years ago, the Trudeau government threw its support behind a US-backed plan to declare an opposition politician, Juan Guaido, “interim leader” of Venezuela.

Venezuelanalysis: US to Tighten Venezuela Sanctions After Gasoline Seizure Tehran reacted to the first reports through its ambassador to Venezuela Hojjatollah Soltani, who denied that the tankers were Iranian. The country’s oil minister, Biyan Namdar Zangane, later confirmed that the fuel had indeed been shipped from Iran and it had already been paid for by Venezuela. Venezuelan authorities have yet to comment on the seizure.

Arnold August: Trump’s Venezuela regime change alliance dwindles, down to 19 Guaidó and right-wing factions within the National Assembly are boycotting the December 6 elections, as opposition leaders have vowed not to recognize the “false” electoral body designated by the Supreme Court. Their international allies have dwindled from 50 to just 19: Albania, Australia, Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Israel, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Republic of Korea, Saint Lucia, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

August 25 Alborada Online: The Julian Assange Case and the Role of Ecuador

Video of Code Pink webinar: The ongoing effort to overthrow the Venezuelan government Adrian Pine  (Honduras activist and one of four of Embassy Protectors); Dan Kovalik (labor lawyer and author of several books about US interventions); Leonardo Flores, Code Pink coordinator of Latin American Projects.

Venezuelanalysis: Class Struggle and Human Rights in the Bolivarian Revolution: A Conversation with Ana Barrios Valuable discussion of aspects of the human rights situation in Venezuela: the police, the Chavista movement in the countryside, the union movement.

Orinoco Tribune: Amidst Blockade and Spiking Cases Venezuela Welcomes 230 Cuban Doctors to Fight Covid-19 Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza thanked the 230 Cuban doctors who arrived in Venezuela, who are added to the health care initiative to combat Covid-19 in Venezuela. ““I lost count of how many millions of Venezuelan lives have been saved thanks to Cuban health personnel.” This new contingent joins more than 21,000 collaborators in health matters that work in Venezuela as part of the existing cooperation agreements.

Vijay Prashad: Will there ever be elections again in Bolivia?  A massive national strike organized after elections were postponed for a third time since the coup d’état. Groups such as COB, the Ponchos Rojos, the National Confederation of Indigenous Peasant Women, and the Pact of Unity led the recent protest; they galvanized the people behind the demand for the immediate resignation of the Áñez regime and for immediate elections. Unity between these groups—which have excited the core of the left with their public actions—and the MAS is not yet established. These fissures weaken the left as these organizations proceed toward a continuation of struggles and the election. If the left were to stand together, the return of MAS to power is virtually guaranteed. The main task of the left is to consolidate the unity of the popular forces and to promote the young leadership that has come to the surface in these mobilizations. Unity, they say, is their focus.

Popular Resistance: In response to Toward Freedom: Coronavirus is being Tackled by Nicaragua’s Community Based Health System A response to Toward Freedom article by Rafael Camacho, whose very title shows it is going to repeat the opposition’s messaging. Almost every criticism made in Camacho’s article reflects the opposition’s arguments and ignores the reality of Nicaragua’s efforts – successful so far – to contain the pandemic. Fake news around coronavirus in Nicaragua is a key part of present US regime change operation against Nicaragua.

Stephen Sefton ( on the USAID plan for Regime Change in Nicaragua Pick any sector of national life and President Daniel Ortega’s government team have a clear decisive policy plan effectively addressing the needs within the budgetary limitations of a small impoverished country of 6.5 million people subject to economic attack by the US.  Electricity coverage? Look here. Competitiveness? Look here. Telecommunications? Here. Access to drinking water? Read this. Rural water and sanitation? Look here. Civil defense capacity? Here. Role of local government? Here. Infrastructure development? Look here, here and here and read this and this.  Geoscience technologies? Here. Innovation? Read this. Education? Read this, this, this and this, as well as this and this. Public health and COVID-19? Look here and here and read this and this.

Tell Congress to Stay out of Nicaragua!

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