Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 8.14.2020: Celebrate Fidel; US Seizes 4 Tankers going to Venezuela; New Regime Change Plans in Nicaragua

Fidel birthday

Cuba Celebrates Fidel

U.S.-Cuba-Canada Collaboration in Fighting COVID-19 Join and support us in this call for medical collaboration with Cuba. Cuban medical expertise can and will save lives. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez stated: “Humanity faces a common challenge. This pandemic does not respect borders or ideologies. It threatens the lives of all, and it is everyone’s responsibility to address it.”

Granma: Thank you, Fidel, for being, above all, human Over the years, many have wondered about the source of the leader of the Cuban Revolution’s inexhaustible energy. How was this exceptional man able to function without rest, with his thoughts perennially directed toward the wellbeing of his people, toward the possibility of a better world with a place for everyone, with rights and opportunities for all….Congratulations, Comandante en Jefe, not only for another year of your infinite life, but for being, above all, human. For having kept your feet firmly on the ground, your eyes on the people, and your heart beating for the common good. ..Here we are, standing tall, of our own free will, because this people -Fidel’s people – never surrenders; because there are no doubts about the path taken; because we believe a better world is possible and we will not forego our part in making it happen.

August 13 Remembering Fidel Castro; Soldier of Ideas  Biography –Articles –Speeches and Interventions — Quotes — Library — Gallery



SputnikNews: US Seizes Four Iranian Tankers headed to Venezuela, Now En Route to Houston One more reason to discount the view Washington’s Venezuela regime change strategy has been a failure. It doesn’t matter how many failures the US experiences, it only needs one success.

TeleSur: Venezuela Fights Malnutrition With 3,000 “Food Houses” Around 1.7 million Venezuelans are working in the provision of essential services during the pandemic. Over the last decade, Venezuela has reduced the malnutrition rate from 13.5 percent to 2.5 percent.

Orinoco Tribune Interview with Francisco Dominguez from the Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign (UK): We Need a Venezuelan Institute of Solidarity with the Peoples The Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign UK (VSC) is -according to solidarity experts from different countries- the most articulated and structured solidarity movement in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution in Europe and internationally. Francisco Dominguez is currently the National Secretary of the VSC for the UK.

Venezuelanalysis: Maduro Demands Investigation into Landlord Violence President Maduro ordered a detailed probe into the assassination of 370 campesinos by landowners over the last 20 years. He specifically asked that the investigation be undertaken alongside campesino movements and Braulio Alvarez, a well-known farmer and member of the National Constituent Assembly, who has been prominent in defense of campesino rights. One of the main issues is violence perpetrated by landowners who have opposed the Venezuelan government’s land redistribution policy going back to the landmark 2001 Land Law introduced by former President Hugo Chavez.

Sputnik News: Venezuela Granted Right to Appeal all aspects UK Ruling Denying Access to Gold Reserves According to a court order issued on 3 August, which was obtained by a Sputnik correspondent, Lord Justice Gary Hickinbottom ruled that the BCV would be allowed to appeal on all nine grounds, adding that the appeal would be heard in September.

Petition: Boris Johnson Give Venezuela Back Its Gold

COHA: Venezuela Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza: Venezuela, and Trump’s Irrational Electoral Policy “Venezuela has stood firm against all of these [US] attacks. International solidarity from countries such as Cuba, China, Russia, Iran, and Turkey has been key… Trump would do better if he followed his initial instinct of talking to President Maduro. A respectful dialogue with Venezuela is what is really in the interest of the U.S. electorate. Instead of spending U.S. taxpayer money on failed adventures and made up drug cartels, it could be better spent on dealing with the pandemic and other needs of the U.S. Sound policies are more conducive to reelection. Regime change will only lead to more failure.”

TeleSur: The AFL-CIO Aided US Interference in Venezuela, Report Shows Newly obtained documents show that the Solidarity Center has worked closely with the US to undermine the Venezuelan government in the recent past.  Throughout the period 2006–2014, for which I received documents from the NED detailing SC activities in Venezuela, the SC generally sought to combat two efforts pursued by the Chavez government: the building of workplace cooperatives and the move toward workers’ councils.



Popular Resistance: Coronavirus is being Tackled by Nicaragua’s Community- Based Health System A response to Toward Freedom article by Rafael Camacho, whose very title shows it is going to repeat the opposition’s messages: Coronavirus met with denial and silence in Nicaragua. Almost every criticism made in Camacho’s article reflects the opposition’s arguments and ignores the reality of Nicaragua’s efforts – successful so far – to contain the pandemic.

COHA: The US contracts out its regime change operation in Nicaragua An extraordinary leaked document gives a glimpse of the breadth and complexity of the US government’s plan to interfere in Nicaragua’s internal affairs up to and after its presidential election in 2021. The plan a 14-page extract from a much longer document, dates from March-April this year and sets the terms for a contract to be awarded by USAID. It was revealed the task  of creating what the document calls “the environment for Nicaragua’s transition to democracy,” that is, fomenting a coup.



Saturdays: Nicaragua Friends of the ATC Ben Linder Solidarity School online class 

August 20 Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza on Canada’s Interference in Venezuela

Aug 20: 60 years of the Cuban Women’s Federation

Recording August 8 Support Haiti’s UNIFA Hospital, with Mildred Aristide and Danny Glover

Recording August 12 Bolivia’s Fight to Restore Democracy – Canada’s Role – Guillaume Long, former Foreign Minister of Ecuador, analyst with Center for Economic and Policy Research, Matthew Green, MP for Hamilton Centre (NDP), Ollie Vargas, Bolivian Journalist for Radio Kawsachun Coca

Recording August 13: Celebrate the Life & Legacy of Fidel Castro  some of the recording is missing.


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