Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 11.01.2019: US Gov Attack on Venezuela Defenders; Bolivians Mobilize to Combat Rightwing Coup Attempt


Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal arrested months after reporting on Venezuelan opposition violence Journalist Max Blumenthal was arrested on October 25 and charged with “assault” in a political case that he says is “completely false” and “manufactured” by Venezuela opposition supporters. Blumenthal, the editor of The Grayzone, reported on  the defenders of Venezuelan sovereignty who attempted to protect the embassy from the right-wing opposition. 

National Lawyers Guild Condemns US Government Attack on Venezuela and on Max Blumenthal The NLG condemns the arrest of independent journalist Max Blumenthal. Blumenthal was arrested from his Washington, DC, home by a large group of police on October 25, held in jail for two days and denied access to an attorney throughout this period. Blumenthal noted that the arrest warrant was five months old and had previously been denied. His arrest took place hours after The Grayzone issued a report on USAID funding to lobbyists for the Venezuelan opposition.  It also appears to be a form of retaliation practiced against both embassy protection activists and critical journalists for their opposition to the U.S.’ unlawful intervention in Venezuela, support for an attempted coup and unilateral coercive economic sanctions directed against the country. 

Webinar link: Live with the Venezuela Embassy Protectors

The US Double Standard in Venezuela vs. Honduras Steve Ellner and Teri Mattson contrast the mainstream media coverage of Honduras and Venezuela. If you want evidence that the US government doesn’t actually care about drug trafficking, violation of democratic norms, violation of human rights, or widespread corruption, just look at how the Trump administration has treated Honduras versus how it has treated Venezuela.

Venezuela Applauds Election Victories Rejecting Neoliberalism in Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Colombia

1st International Indigenous Congress Begins in Venezuela One of the focus will be the creation of an international movement of native peoples, along with a collective agenda for the fight against foreign intervention, extractivism, and for the rights of ‘Mother Nature’; bringing together representatives from 16 countries and more than 400 communities. “You and I are the protagonists of the change, of a change that must include justice and social equality for all native peoples across the world, enabling us to build from the masses, from the roots, a new social order,” Leader of the Indigenous Movement of Nicaragua Maritza Centeno said.

Champion of Free Trade? US Applies More Than 8,000 “Sanctions” to 39 Countries, Affecting 1/3 of Humanity The measures constitute a “threat to the entire system of international relations and is the greatest violation of human rights in the world.”



Speech by President Diaz-Canel at the Non-Aligned Movement “The powerful, from their comfortable armored spaces, have made our countries laboratories and marketed their weapons, leaving us with millions dead, displaced, homeless, hungry, victims of violence.

They dictate rules of universal conduct that they constantly violate, and draw up lists to exclude us or punish us, if we do not submit to the blind laws of the market and imperial hegemony.

World War III is not the next war. There is a war underway with no beginning date or estimated conclusion, which for years has bled noble and peaceful nations, with weapons of imperial armies, mercenary soldiers, and terrorists disguised as liberators, in the name of the fight against terrorism, the defense of democracy, freedom, or human rights. Lies!

More lies than ever before told, with greater disdain and a more terrible cost to the vast majority of humanity, in the interest of a minority that has taken their luxuries to mind-boggling excesses. In the 21st century, threats and aggressions of varying degrees are launched against all sovereign governments that refuse to serve the hegemonic power as sites for military bases, hand over resources, or yield to their mandates.”

U.S. Bans Flights To All Cuban Destinations Except Havana

In the last year, the US imposed fines on banks totaling over $1.5 billion – for doing business with Cuba



Bolivia Peasants, Original Peoples, Progressive Movements Mobilizes Against Racism and Coup d’Etat Peasant, indigenous, mining and urban movements have declared themselves in a state of alertness and vigilance in La Paz. They surround the government headquarters permanently before what is an open call from the opposition not to recognize the election result of October 20, the government and the OAS audit.

Indigenous people hold vigil in support of Bolivian President Morales As rightwing protests continue across Bolivia over recent election, rural indigenous communities and miners maintain an around-the-clock vigil in La Paz in support of President Evo Morales.



‘Human rights’ propaganda against Nicaragua run out of Costa Rica & other Nicaragua news



Halifax, Oct 31-Nov. 2: The Cuban Revolution at 60 International Conference

November 2, Princeton, NJ:  Struggles of Latin America and Caribbean

November 4, Chicago, Q & A Session with Charlie Hardy, Reportback from a month in Venezuela



Food sovereignty delegation to Venezuela – effects of sanctions and responses on the ground (January 3-12, 2020)

Cuba with Code Pink December 14-18/21

Calixto Garcia Solidarity Brigade December 1-14, 2019

Organic Growers Ass Cuba Agroecology Tour, January 7-16

Tour of Worker Cooperatives in Cuba, January 11-20


Sites to Follow Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador:

Friends of Evo’s Bolivia

Embassy Protectors Defense Committee

Stand with Venezuela

Orinoco Tribune

Venezuela Solidarity New York 

 End Venezuela Sanctions  

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