Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 10.25.2019: US Tries its Venezuela Election Fraud Scams on Bolivia

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Evo Morales Officially Wins Presidency The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) published Thursday night that it only has 0.01% of ballots left to officially count.Morales gained 47.07% of the nation’s popular vote, enough to put him 10 percentage points above his closest rival, Carlos Mesa who gained 36.51%

Evo Morales Warns Coup Attempt Underway in Bolivia  A right-wing coup attempt is being carried out so as to stop the full counting of votes, and annul the result of Sunday’s elections if it gives Morales a first-round victory. “A coup is underway, carried out by the right-wing with foreign support…what are the methods of this coup attempt? They’re not recognizing or waiting for election results, they’re burning down electoral courts, they want to proclaim the second-place candidate as the winner” – Evo Morales

Bolivian labor federation, social organizations call to defend democracy Bolivia’s main labor confederation (COB) and the National Coordinator for Change (Conalcam) agreed to declare a state of emergency and called for a national peaceful mobilization in defense of democracy. The leaders of both organizations met to assess the situation of chaos that right-wing parties reluctant to accept the electoral triumph of President Evo Morales are generating.

Bolivia Invites OAS to Audit Electoral Vote Results, Almagro Accepts The request came hours after The OAS raised concerns after an official preliminary count of votes gave Morales a 10-point lead over rival Carlos Mesa.

Mark Weisbrot (CEPR) OAS Should Retract Its Press Release on Bolivian Election “The OAS statement implies that there is something wrong with the vote count in Bolivia because later-reporting voting centers showed a different margin than earlier ones,” Weisbrot said. “But it provides absolutely no evidence — no statistics, numbers, or facts of any kind — to support this idea. And in fact, a preliminary analysis of the voting data at all of the more than 34,000 voting tables — which is all publicly available and can be downloaded by anyone — shows no evidence of irregularity.”

The Canary: New blow for US imperialism as Bolivia re-elects Evo Morales The idea that Morales is anything less than a world leader on fighting climate breakdown is absurd. The US has coordinated a campaign that has attempted to blame the Amazon fires on Evo Morales instead of the real culprit, Jair Bolsonaro. A Guardian article claimed Morales was a “murderer of nature“. The fires that affected the Chiquitanía area of Bolivia were rapidly extinguished after Morales mobilised the full resources of the state. Bolivia has subsequently launched an initiative to reforest the areas affected. Right-wing opposition protests in Bolivia in the run-up to the election, meanwhile, were presented on social media sites as mobilisations against Morales’s environmental record – when they were in fact demanding more regional autonomy and led by social forces representing agribusiness.

Mexico Condemns OAS Interference in Bolivia Elections “No one should interfere in the elections of a country, even less, say when it is not yet concluded. Your job should be limited to technical advice and not try to make binding decisions.” The Mexican government has criticised the OAS for raising ‘concerns’ about Bolivia’s elections before carrying out a full audit which the Bolivian government invited them to do.



Joe Emersberger: Ecuador’s President Moreno Struggles to Buy Off Fake Leftists There are always segments of the “left” in Ecuador that enter into shady and inherently unstable alliances with the right.Moreno will now try to adjust his giveaways to the rich to include some more for the fake left. An intensified campaign to criminalize Correaists appears part of the package.

How Lenin Moreno Divided the Mass Protests and Persecuted Followers of Correa There was a clear point of acceleration in public and communication spokespersons where the protest was divided between the “legitimate” one, carried out by the indigenous movement, and the violent destabilizing one, carried out by “infiltrated Correistic elements, financed by Venezuela”.



Maduro makes closing speech at First International Congress of Communes: Community Councils Serve More Than 6 Million Families The communal councils serve more than 6,407,651 families representing more than 80% of the families of Venezuela. The President said  3,173 Communes have been formed, “Commander Hugo Chavez left in 2012, in the Plan of the Homeland 2013-2019, to reach 3,000 Communes.”

Not Venezuela: Corporate Media  Whitewashing Neoliberal Repression in Chile and Ecuador A look at the great contrast in how the corporate media deals with anti-Chavista protests and anti-neoliberal protests.

USAID funds salaries of Venezuelan politicians as it doubles down on the coup US taxpayers now pay the salaries and expenses of dozens of Venezuelan opposition figures in the US’ imaginary government inside Venezuela and abroad.

US Renews Chevron License to Continue Operating in Venezuela The US Treasury has allowed Chevron to continue its operations in Venezuela for a further 90 days. One of the few remaining US petroleum companies still in Venezuela, Chevron currently produces around 200,000 barrels per day in several joint ventures with Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA.



Inside an Uprising “Made in the USA”  How the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) operated in Nicaragua.



October 26-27, Vancouver: 8th International Che Guevara Conference 

October 29 Washington DC Benefit for CEPR

Third Anti-imperialist Solidarity Conference for Democracy and against Neoliberalism.

Havana, November 1-3, 2019  (click here for how to go) 

Halifax, Oct 31-Nov. 2: The Cuban Revolution at 60 International Conference

November 2, Princeton, NJ:  Struggles of Latin America and Caribbean

November 1, Chicago, Q & A Session with Charlie Hardy, Reportback from a month in Venezuela



National Network on Cuba delegation to November Solidarity Conference

Cuba: Building Relations with Cuban Labor:  November 2019 Trip to Cuba

Cuba with Code Pink December 14-18/21

Calixto Garcia Solidarity Brigade December 1-14, 2019

Organic Growers Ass Cuba Agroecology Tour, January 7-16

Tour of Worker Cooperatives in Cuba, January 11-20


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