Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 3.31.2018: UN Human Rights Council Condemns Sanctions on Venezuela

Venezuela Solidarity


UN Human Rights Council Condemns Sanctions Against Venezuela

 TeleSur interviews  Danny Glover in Caracas

Venezuelan ex-minister Rodriguez Torres arrested over links to terrorist and US

Chomsky, Brian Eno Demand Ecuador #ReconnectJulian Assange

 AFGJ Venezuela Webinar recording of reportback on Todos Somos Venzuela conference, March 2018

United States Warmongering:  Schedules Military Exercises Off Venezuelan Coast

Alfred De Zayas: Venezuela should  take the US to the International Court of Justice

Nicanotes: Venezuela Solidarity is Nicaragua Solidarity

Aleida Guevara: “In Cuba, the people are the only masters we serve”

Cuba: Economic Reforms Bring First Wholesale Food Market


Other issues:

Support US Political Prisoner Simon Trinidad

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign: FREE ANA BELEN MONTES




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