AFGJ Venezuela & ALBA Weekly #200, 3.16.2018: Open Letter in Defense of Venezuela and its Widespread Media Coverage

With this issue, we reach the milestone of number 200 for the AFGJ Venezuela and ALBA Weekly.

This week we focus on the Open Letter in Support of Mediation not Sanctions for Venezuela, directed to representatives of Congress and Parliament.  This Open Letter received broad support and was widely covered in the international media.  It is a sign of the widespread defense of Venezuelan sovereignty, under increasing attack by the US government and its allies.

AFGJ Open Letter in Support of Mediation in Venezuela, Not Sanctions
Open Letter with International Media Coverage:

UN Rapporteur: US Sanctions Kills People in Venezuela

New York Times, long time enemy of Chavistas, covers our Open Letter: High-Profile Activists Slam U.S., Canadian Sanctions on Venezuela 
Toronto Globe and Mail: Noam Chomsky, Danny Glover slam Canadian, U.S. sanctions on Venezuela
Toronto Star: Opinion | Canada on wrong side of Venezuelan conflict

Report: March Caracas International Solidarity Meeting Declares “Venezuela Is Not Alone”

Venezuelan Opposition, notorious for their political incompetence, outdo themselves: plan to boycott the May presidential election because they claim it will be fraudulent, but they now oppose international observers monitoring the election to make sure it will be clean

Cuban Women: A Revolution Within the Revolution
Who is Ana Belen Montes?

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