Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 1.19. 2018: Looking Back on 2017 and ahead to 2018

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Maduro: 2017 was a year of important social advancesprogress in combating the war being waged by right wing sectors both in and outside the country; success of the Bolivarian Revolution in constituent, regional and municipal elections; crack down on corruption scandals in PDVSA;country is on target to build 2 million homes; 4 million families will now receive more assistance; more

PressTV: Egle Sanchez, Graphic Workers Federation president, on the Gains and Challenges of the Bolivarian revolution
Exanples of the Economic War against Venezuela  
Cuba Awarded  World’s Safest Country at Tourism Fair in Madrid
The Empire’s Latest Attacks: 2018 will be a crucial year for the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela
Cuba’s Granma newspaper Looks at Latin America in 2017
Cuban Doctors Help Patients in South Side Chicago
New  Venezuelan Social Welfare Program will Benefit 4 Million Families
Mercosur: the Attack of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay against Venezuela  
Ramonet: The 12 Victories of President Maduro in 2017
Other Issues:
Register for AFGJ Webinar with Alfred de Zayas, UN Rapporteur for Human Rights on the Situation in Venezuela
Friends of the MST: Send a Message of Solidarity with Lula

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