AFGJ Venezuela & ALBA Weekly News: Review of the Eleven Years of Evo Morales’ Bolivia; Venezuela Rightwing planning more violence 1.12.2018

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Achievements of Evo Morales’ Bolivia: a review of the social, economic and political gains in Bolivia during the 11 years of the Presidency of Evo Morales, the anti-imperialist indigenous social movement leader
Sunday January 28 Webinar with United Nations Human Rights Rep Alfred de Zayas: “Findings on the Humanitarian Situation in Venezuela and the Effects of International Sanctions”
Fightback News: Imperial Clouds Gather over Latin America
Venezuela Intelligence Uncovers New Plot to Reactivate Rightwing Violence
UN Human Rights Rep de Zayas Welcomes Venezuela Government Action after his Visit
Trump Clarifies His Views on Non-whites: Massive Outrage over Trump ‘Shithole’ Migration Remark
ANC Delegate and Commune Leader  Both Assassinated in 4 Days in Venezuela

May Delegation to Colombia

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