Alex Saab: Public Denunciation Concerning Health Conditions of Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab, Illegally Imprisoned in the United States

Physicians’ collective calls for urgent attention to save Alex Saab’s life

Free Alex Saab

Friday Mar 17, 2023

Doctors members of the Observatorio Salud, Medio Ambiente e Impacto Social de Venezuela (Osimaven) joined this Friday the urgent request for health care for the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, kidnapped by the Government of the United States, so they requested his immediate release to save his life.

“We make a tacit call for urgent health care to be provided to diplomat Saab who while fulfilling a humanitarian and diplomatic task entrusted by the Government and the people of Venezuela was kidnapped in Cabo Verde and illegally taken to a prison in the US,” reads a communiqué signed by the group.

Likewise, the professionals denounced that the Venezuelan diplomat “has been in this situation for more than a thousand days, against his will and that of his family, without the minimum guaranteed rights among which are receiving consular visits and health care by a doctor”.

Critical situation

The professionals emphasize in the text that Saab is a survivor of cancer of the digestive tract, but also presents “a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type 2 (currently without treatment or controls), uncontrolled arterial hypertension and without current treatment, hypothyroidism (without treatment), anemia, and anorexia”.

The group of doctors indicated that Saab’s lawyers refer that he has presented “vomiting with blood that could be a sign of reactivation of cancerous cells or a paraneoplastic syndrome”.

They explained that the health situation of the diplomat is quite critical, “he should not wait, since the current signs and his basic diseases show that he is suffering very delicate complications that immediately compromise his life”.

“The natural course of these diseases are neuropathies that evolve rapidly when the patients do not receive treatment, besides the signs of upper digestive bleeding are closely linked to a complication that could be cardioembolic or paraneoplastic, both with high lethality rates”, warn the specialists.

International solidarity

The experts pointed out that the Venezuelan official “deserves urgent medical intervention to carry out the respective paraclinical and imaging examinations and to start urgent treatment, in a multidisciplinary health service with optimal conditions for a patient with such complications”.

In this sense, the 17 professionals who signed the document call for international solidarity for the human rights and the right to life of Saab, who “has been unjustly deprived of his freedom and of his rights to receive humane and dignified treatment, not only because of his condition as a diplomat but because no human being deserves or can be treated in this way”, so they ask for his immediate release so that “he can receive optimal medical care and save his life”.

One thought on “Alex Saab: Public Denunciation Concerning Health Conditions of Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab, Illegally Imprisoned in the United States

  1. I am from Vancouver,Canada and i wanted to say that Alex Saab got support from all over the world.He should be freed immediately. We are in great need of a Multi-Polar world where people like Alex Saab won’t be in prison. The world will always have problems while the Yankee Gov’t can impose Sanctions on whatever country they wants and kidnap people like Alex Saab.


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