Letter of Alex Saab: What does the United States call Regime Change? December 15, 2020

Addressed to: W Radio Colombia

I will explain it in a casual and simple way. America hates Socialism. Why? Because if the poor man progresses, he would be less exploited. And capitalism, the economic model of the United States, based on surplus value, which is nothing more than how much you can exploit the working class so that he produces more and costs you less.

Just as they’ve carried out coups many times before, like in Iraq and other countries, now they have tried to carry out with their masterminds, the same coup discretely and they call that a “regime change”.

To achieve this, they must sell the idea that socialism is bad, that the country is immersed in corruption and that all its rulers, officials and contractors are corrupt. And for that they apply several formulas. One of them, the most efficient, is to hire hundreds of bloggers around the world. There are more than a hundred bloggers who spend millions of dollars around the world to attack countries that they consider to be a danger to their interests.

They spend millions and millions of dollars on them and social networks to convince the world that the country is a disaster, even though it is not. The idea is to tell a lie a million times until people believe it is “true”. And they succeed, I’ll give you an example: if you read in one of those portals you will see how many times each one attacks the same person with news and twitter. A single piece of news is normal, but when it’s the same blogger or influencer attacking the same person every day, it’s because they’re financially rewarded to change this person’s image and reputation.

So, for example, if a blogger says every day that “Juan” is a thief and says it millions of times and, likewise, hundreds of bloggers hired by the United States reply this information three times more on the daily basis, the day you see “Juan” in the street without knowing him. You’ll think: -Look, that’s”Juan” and he’s a thief-. And like that, automaticaliy”Juan” is turned into a thief to the public opinion. Without him facing a legal process, without respecting due process, without evidence, without a sentence that condemns him, without anything. If the same formula were applied to the entire government and its collaborators, one day you’ll expect that people would violently provoke a “regime change”, as they call it.

But Venezuelans knows about their ways, we are not stupid, we see the reality of the inhumane blockade that the USA has imposed
on us and the government and the country still exist, and we are not believing their lies.

When they announce a hurricane in Miami, everyone runs out and the supermarkets are emptied because people think that the hurricane will destroy everything, and they run to stock up first, even if it doesn’t happen afterwards.

That’s what Borges, Bobolongo, Paparoni and all those opposition scoundrels did. They repeatedly told the people that they were going to die of hunger, to the point that three million fellow citizens ran out of Venezuela. Of those, 2,500,000 have already returned to Venezuela because they know that in Venezuela they won’t die of hunger. The other 500,000 are trying to return thanks to President Maduro. Do the math, and you will see that it is so. Venezuela is helping them to return little by little.

Aside from bloggers, one day Bill Clinton, while having a massage in his Oval Office, invented the so-called OFAC or Clinton Act. What are they based on?


After blocking the country, they ban the sale of spare parts, supplies, food and the export of its crude oil, the purchase of gasoline, they freeze the money it had abroad ($70 billion) and the prohibition of accessing to loan, the entry of ships to Venezuela to load crude oil, carry food, carry petrol, which leads everything to become more expensive due to the risk of going or working with Venezuela and thus causing a regime change that they have not been able to succeed because as they have said before “They did not count on the Resilience of Maduro” and the people who support the Chavismo. So then, OFAC was invented.

The OFAC is a simple office that cannot judge or accuse anyone, but that the United States uses to “sanction” and “scare” all those who support the countries and the rulers who they consider a threat to them. Russia-China-Venezuela-Turkey-Iran are the main members of that “prestigious” and shameful list that they have invented.

So, that’s when bloggers serve them the most. If you read any OFAC sanction, they have no proof of anything. It only says “The website Armandolnfo.com, Infodio.com, LaPatilla.com, or whatever… says that ‘whoever’ is a corrupt person. Therefore, he is corrupt. As simple as that. Look for them, read it, they are public. No proof of anything. Legally, they have no effect unless they have properties in the USA and confiscate them. Otherwise, they can’t arrest you or anything. But when you go to a bank to open an account, the banker tells you, “sorry, you’re on the Clinton List or OFAC for corruption.” Thus, out of nowhere they close the accounts, they cancel your credit cards, and they make you a “scum” according to them and does the world allow this? Are they the police force of the world? Can you judge or damage a person’s good name without any proof? Trump is the one who has used it the most trying to achieve “his regime change” in Venezuela that he has not been able to, nor will he be able to.

Apart from that, as if they were the great Wiseman of the Olympus, it clearly says the sanction in its last lines, I invite you to look for one and read it. It says like this: it is to amend the behavior. It is not permanent. Whoever collaborates to return democracy in Venezuela, that is, “regime change”, will have the sanction removed and will return to being a decent person according to them.

Should Russia-Turkey-Iran-China and all the countries that the US attacks make the same list? Let it be called the Anti-Regime Law or I will let the name be chosen by the intellectuals, and we will sanction, just like them, all the businessmen and their relatives who want to or who have business in our countries. At first, they will laugh because they think they are powerful.

But believe me, they all have businesses in our countries and when they come to open accounts or when they need to withdraw their money, we will tell them “sorry Mr., you are on the anti-regime list”. But why don’t we? We need a leader to drive it forward, and you will see how we begin to level the world.

Adversity has the gift of awakening talents that would have remained dormant in prosperity (Horace). An injustice like the one they do to an individual, company or country is equal to a threat to the whole society! The real tragedy of the poor people is the poverty of their aspirations, that’s why they don’t fight and the Empire blocks them and squeezes them until they take away the country and the oil and start cutting off your electricity, water, gas, gasoline, education and the air you breathe until you pay them the credits they are going to grant you!

Because, of course, the “regime change” comes loaded with money, they lend you to “fix” the country, but they charge you everything until they squeeze you, until you fall into default, and it becomes unsustainable, as happened for example with Argentina, privatizing the water, electricity, gas, etc. Public and basic services that they have not allowed us to improve due to the blockade, but it is still free in Venezuela, not like in Colombia that you do not have left to eat.

Suffering deserves respect, submitting is despicable. There are no nations, there is only humanity and if we don’t understand that, there will be no nations because there will be no humanity. No more empire. No more blockade of Venezuela. No more oppression. No more penalties. Venezuela is there to be respected and is entitled to make its own decisions.

Venezuela has a great team in his government, just having Tareck El Aissami as Economic Vice President and Minister of Oil and Delcy Rodriguez as Vice President is like having Cristiano Ronalda and Leonel Messi on the same team.

I have not finished, now we are going to see my beloved Colombia, I want to compare it with Venezuela. Even if you don’t like the comparison. The Colombian minimum salary today is $250 on average with transportation subsidies, etc. We compare what a Colombian does with those $250.

Venezuela today is dollarized, nobody’s salary is really less than $250. It’s not $10 as they say because during the month the state deposits many subsidies on your country card.

Now let’s look at this chart:

So, by the end of the month the Venezuelan people has some money and manage to eat, and the Colombian has debts and didn’t manage to eat. I understand that this year is atypical and due to Covid-19 companies have suffered. But that is when the state has to prioritize, put its hand in its pocket for a couple of years, steal less in contracts in general, sorry to earn less, I meant to say, and make the money yield to relieve the companies, so they can relieve their employees. Because we are already talking about raising the minimum wage by 2% for 2021. Are they going to allow that?

That 2% is going togo away when the prices of food, transportation and other increases, and they will be worse than in 2012. It is as if they had the minimum salary of the year 2012 in the year 2021. Do you follow me? Covid-19 is not people’s problem, it is a state problem. The people cannot pay with an increase of 2% because the wise men of the state cannot think of how to raise them by at least 25% and lower the services by at least 20% at cost. If they don’t know how to do it, I’m willing, if they want, I’ll go and solve it for them in a single day.

Are you going to leave this decision to the “aristocracy” to go down to the middle of the battlefield as in the time of the battles of Scotland with England, with their army of soldiers composed by poor people who waited behind while they negotiate in between them the lands, and then ride back up and told the people “today there will be no war”, we couldn’t achieve anything?

Colombia needs a William Wallace, a Che Guevara, who says NO. You cannot allow that those who negotiate the minimum wage for you be the same as ANDI (National Industrial Association) who want to pay you less. Do you understand that? They criticize so much Venezuela and look at the salary comparison today. Now, if for you a 2% salary increase is fair, then you have the government you deserve, and I have no opinion on this matter. The banks should not receive more than the special tax called 4 times thousand, that should go to the people.

Even in Italy, the government gives its employees coupons for food!

The State must find a formula to raise salary with subsidies plus a salary increase and a reduction in services, equivalent to a minimum of 50%, and even so, they will continue to live in misery, but eating. In Venezuela, the only corruption I have seen is from the famous American lobbyists who go there and steal millions of dollars from the government promising to fix the situation between the countries.

It was the USA who legalized corruption and set up a “lobby” for it, but it only works for them, they say that they fix the relations of the countries and for that, they want millions of dollars and businesses. That is American corruption.

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