Statement Issued by Jorge Rodriguez, head of the Venezuelan delegation, on the Dialogue in Mexico

The delegation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, we address the country and the world to report on the national dialogue process.

Under the methodology established in the Memorandum of Understanding signed last year, we have agreed to sign in Mexico the Second Partial Agreement for the Protection of the Venezuelan People, which has been exhaustively discussed in the city of Caracas, with the facilitation of the Kingdom of Norway.

The Second Social Agreement creates a practical mechanism, aimed at addressing vital social needs and public service problems, based on the recovery of legitimate resources, property of the Venezuelan State, which today are blocked in the international financial system.

This Agreement thus expresses the advancement of the right of our people to enjoy their illegally and unjustly blocked assets and resources, placing social needs at the center of attention of the National Dialogue Table.

The rescued resources will go to reinforce the national public health system in equipment, recovery of infrastructure, provision of inputs, vaccines and medicines for access to all our people and throughout the country; expand and reinforce the electric power service, attention to a significant part of the school infrastructure, and attention to needs derived from the emergency due to torrential rains, as well as food support programs.

On the occasion of greeting this social agreement, as a delegation of the Government headed by President Nicolás Maduro Moros, we once again reiterate our firm rejection of the illegal detention of the Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab, and we once again demand his immediate release and his full incorporation as a member of the Delegation of the Government of Venezuela. At the same time, we welcome the incorporation of the human rights defender, Camila Fabri de Saab, to the delegation of the Government of Venezuela while the full incorporation of our diplomat takes place.

On behalf of the constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic, great architect of peace, and of all Venezuelans, beyond political differences, we make our most fervent wishes for the success and happy completion of this agreement in social matters for the protection of the Venezuelan people, and we commit all the efforts of our government for its successful application.

We are convinced and convinced that this social agreement will open the doors to advance in the extensive agenda of national dialogue, in the fulfillment of all its objectives for the good of our Homeland.

Together with our people and with Mahatma Gandhi, we reaffirm today that there are no paths to peace. Peace is the path.

Dr. Jorge Rodriguez Gomez

Head of the Venezuelan delegation before the dialogue table in Mexico.

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