U.S. Department of Justice continues its extraterritoriality in Alex Saab’s immunity case

Departamento de Justicia de EE.UU. continua extraterritorialidad en caso de inmunidad de Alex Saab

The United States Department of Justice office, in full disregard of Venezuela’s internal laws and processes, filed a motion in which it seeks to cast doubt on the appointment of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab in 2018, as a justification to disregard the order to declassify documents that prove his status and the acceptance of his mission by Iran.

In a publication on Twitter, disseminated by the Associated Press journalist, Joshua Goodman, an electronic version of the Official Gazette N°6,373 allegedly stored in the Library of Congress of the U.S., is compared with one printed later, in which, according to him, the designation of Saab as Special Envoy does not appear.

However, in said library, there are no Venezuelan Official Gazettes from 2018. The search engine jumps from 2019 to 2011.

On the other hand, Article 325 of the Venezuelan Constitution speaks of acts of national security. “The National Executive reserves the classification and disclosure of those matters that are directly related to the planning and execution of operations concerning the security of the Nation, under the terms established by law.”

Attorney Indhriana Parada explained that in the Bolivarian nation a provisional version of the bulletin is normally published, which can then be modified for some later event.

“This issue of dates is as common here, as the issuance of administrative acts itself”, she remarked. On the other hand, Parada pointed out that the internal administrative processes of a country can never be evaluated by the jurisdiction of another country.

In this respect, she affirmed that Goodman ignores the Decree of Economic Emergency of 2016, where it is left to the power of President Nicolás Maduro “to take exceptional measures and combat situations of internal commotion”.

Roigar López, member of the Free Alex Saab Movement reiterated that the arguments of the U.S. Attorney’s Office do not demolish any of the arguments presented by the diplomat’s defense. “In itself it is serious that a professional accuses a government of forging official documents and communications between nations, but they do it,” he denounced on the social network Twitter.

It should be noted that when Alex Saab was appointed Special Envoy, Venezuela was going through an unprecedented economic situation due to the application of unilateral coercive measures by the United States.



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