Venezuela & ALBA News 4.29.2022: Nicaragua Boots out OAS; June conferences against Summit of the Americas

Kawsachun News: Nicaragua Expels the OAS Nicaragua has announced the expulsion of representatives of the Organization of American States and the closure of its offices in the country. “We ratify our unwavering decision to leave the OAS, as expressed on 19th November, 2021, and by confirming our irrevocable denunciation and resignation, before this calamitous, truculent and lying dependency of the State Department of Yankee Imperialism. We also communicate that as of this date, we cease to form part of all the deceitful Mechanisms of this monstrosity, be it the Permanent Council, Commissions, Meetings or Summit of the Americas.”

Multipolarista: Nicaragua expropriates OAS building, will replace it with ‘Museum of Shame’ documenting imperialist crimes The government announced expropriated the building where the OAS had offices in Managua. This office was declared public property, and will now be used to build a “Museum of Shame” that documents imperialist crimes committed against Nicaragua and Latin America.

Venezuelanalysis: Maduro Warns of Plot by Colombia’s Duque to Kill Venezuelan Security Forces and Sow Unrest at Border President Maduro warned that Colombian President Duque was behind a plot to sow unrest on their shared border through the targeted killing of Venezuelan security forces. Maduro also warned that Venezuela’s infrastructure could also be hit. He credited the information to Venezuelan intelligence and said Duque was motivated by his desire to inflict harm before the end of his presidential term in light of Venezuela’s gradually improving economic situation.

Video: Alex Saab case with Alfred de Zayas, Presidents of the National Lawyers Guild, Oscar Lopez Rivera, Camila Saab, others

Afro-Venezuelans in the Bolivarian Process (Jesus “Chucho” Garcia interview) James Early interviews activist and historian, Chucho Garcia, to discuss his experience working alongside the Venezuelan government and social organizations to further the gains of the revolution. They also discuss Chucho’s understanding of “Afro-epistemology,” the struggle for reparations in Latin America, and the complexities of building towards true democracy.

Cuba Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla on Cuba being excluded from the Summit of the Americas  Another central axis of the Summit, from which Cuba is intended to be excluded, is emigration. It is a code that seeks to force Latin American and Caribbean States to repress migration, to absorb the migrants that the US. A third axis of the Summit of the Americas is that of democracy and human rights. In the obscure negotiations taking place today, the intention is to establish the Organization of American States to certify all elections in the region. 

Resumen Latinoamericano: Highlights of Atilio Boron’s interview with Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel According to the Cuban president, the last five years have been the harshest in the six decades of the blockade and it grew after Trump’s 243 repressive measures, causing more tensions in the Cuban economy and, consequently, in Cuban society… The US went beyond the traditional financial harassment and even refused to sell Cuba oxygen during the pandemic’s peak caused by Delta strain, when the only plant in the country was out of service for technical matters. It is important to note that this situation was not related to the lack of supply in the US, but to its intention to torture the people so they would get angry and blame the government. Thousands of Cubans died because of this Machiavellian act.

Race in Cuba: Everything Within The Revolution (Esteban Morales interview) Cuban author, economist, social scientist, and militant member of the Communist Party of Cuba, Esteban Morales Domínguez to discuss race and discrimination in Cuba, how to deepen the achievements of the 1959 Revolution, and the dynamism of building a future under socialism.

Resumen Latinoamericano: Book Recounts Evo Morales’ Year in Exile: Evo Operation Rescue: A Geopolitical Plot of 365 days details the political actors on international level to ensure that the former president arrived safe and sound, first to Mexico, where López Obrador offered him political asylum, and then to Argentina, from where a year later he would return to his native country. With a prologue by President of Argentina Alberto Fernández, it is Evo Morales himself who reveals the details of the 2019 coup d’état, the clandestine rescue; the response of then President Macri to the request for humanitarian support, the role of the governments of Paraguay, Peru and Ecuador, the OAS and the Puebla Group

Events and Webinars 
May 16 Solidarity with Bolivia – the People in Power
June 8-10: Join CodePink at The People’s Summit in Los Angeles
June 10-12 Workers Summit of the Americas, Tijuana 

Friends of the ATC delegations to Nicaragua 2022
Women in Nicaragua: Power & Protagonism August 6-15
Pastors for Peace delegations to Cuba 2022
Deadline May 1: Pastors for Peace 32nd Friendship Caravan to Cuba July 16-30

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