Venezuela & ALBA News 1.21.2022: Venezuela’s Economy Improves despite US Blockade and Sabotage; Upcoming Webinars


Today-in-24: Biden “I am focused on dealing with the situation in Venezuela” The president said that he is currently spending a lot of time “talking and trying” regarding the policy towards Nicolás Maduro, whom he described as a “dictator.” And he pointed out that in the same way he is dedicating time to Chile and Argentina, although he clarified: “These are not the same as Venezuela.” US presidents are not known for reflection but hypocrisy, so Biden had no problem adding, “We used to talk when I was a young man in college about America’s backyard, but it’s not America’s backyard, I think south of the Mexican border is America’s front yard.”

TeleSur: Venezuela Restores Electric Service After Latest Sabotage The latest sabotage of the National Electric System was carried out through the fall of a tower of the Central Plant-Valle Seco line in the Taborda sector in Carabobo. “CORPOELEC workers do not stop before these actions and work 24 hours to restore the electrical service in the entity,” Minister Reverol said.

Venezuelanalysis: Gasoline and Crude Production on the Rise While Inflation Slows Down PDVSA faces challenges to continue ramping up production as US sanctions block the state company from international markets. PDVSA is  producing almost 160,000 barrels per day (bpd) of gasoline, an important jump from the 82,000 bpd reported at the end of last year. Domestic demand currently stands at around 110,000 bpd. In contrast, the country is only producing 38,000 bpd of diesel, falling drastically short of meeting the roughly 100,000 bpd demand. Diesel is crucial for public transportation, electricity generation and agriculture. Venezuela’s relative recovery has coincided with inflation slowing down, registering 7.6% in December, the fourth consecutive month with single digits.

Orinoco Tribune: Maduro Reveals Statistics on Economic Development During 2022 Annual Speech “Today, I can say that Venezuela has reached 7.6% [growth] in terms of economic recovery,” declared  President Maduro during his annual address to the nation. He noted that the economy was forecast to show a yearly growth rate of 4% during 2022. President Maduro also observed the recovery in the output of the Local Committees of Supply and Production (CLAP) initiative, the state-run program providing free food and supplies to the Venezuelan people, 96% of which is produced domestically.

TeleSur: Venezuela: 95% Of Adult Citizens Are Immunized Against COVID-19 “Despite the difficulties imposed by U.S. economic sanctions, we procured the necessary vaccines to develop our mass immunization campaign, which comprises children, teenagers, and foreign residents,” Maduro tweeted. Covid deaths per million in Venezuela number 191; in Cuba, 738; in NIcaragua, 32; in the US,  2,646.

Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current: Guacas Declaration of 36 Communal Councils and 8 Communes of the Socialist Peasant Communal City Simon Bolivar “We will deploy in the territory of the Socialist Communal City Simon Bolivar to carry out assemblies in all the communal councils and communes, to consult and build with the people the plan of resistance that begins today. We will go unarmed raising the National Flag and the flag of peace. Thus, we hold the [TANCOL] ELN responsible for any aggression, for our lives, physical integrity, security and freedom. We express our support to the national government, to the FANB and to the deployment of Operation Bolivarian Shield 2022 against the TANCOL groups.”



Washington Insider: Consortium of Mayors Organizes to Bring Cuban Medical Brigade to US A group of US mayors are encouraging the Biden government to override the trade embargo that prevents the Cuban medical brigade from assisting doctors on US  soil.“We have this challenge facing us where too many people are getting infected and dying,” said Johnny Ford, founder and director-general of the World Conference of Mayors, created for municipal leaders, domestically and abroad, to establish trade and investment opportunities.

Reuters: Venezuela Ramps up Gasoline, Food Supply to Cuba From late November through early January, PDVSA shipped at least three cargoes carrying about 197,000 barrels of gasoline, along with other refined products to Cuba. Venezuela also has exported 222 containers and hundreds of bags of food to Cuba.

Granma: Millions of US dollars to destabilize Cuba The long list published by the US government funded National Endowment for Democracy  of organizations that received money to intervene in Cuba during 2020. Republican President Reagan created the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in 1983, which along with the US Agency for International Development (USAID), has functioned as an economic arm of the US government’s interventionist policies, financing non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and foundations disguised with names citing very laudable values like democracy and freedom, which in fact seek to change governments that do not subordinate themselves to Washington’s policies. According to data released by the NED, more than $5 million  were invested for this purpose that year, to which must be added funding for NGOs and foundations that do not appear in the Cuba report but also take action against our country, as well as funds channeled through USAID and other similar organizations.



TeleSur: Promoting Actions Against Gender Violence in Bolivia Bolivia’s government stated the current year 2022 as a “Year of the Cultural Revolution for De-patriarchalization,” which promotes actions to eliminate gender violence against women.



January 23: The World Stands Up to Sanctions

January 23: Trudeau’s Failed Coup in Venezuela Vijay Prashad, Carlos Ron, Maria Paez Victor

January 26: COVID-19 Response in Chicago and Havana

January 27: Maria Paez Victor: Venezuela’s Recent Progress and Political Advances

January 27: Reportback from Cuba with participants in Pastors for Peace Caravan & the Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade

January 30: “Nicaragua: What We Saw, What’s Next?” The Inauguration, Relations with China, Exit from OAS, Advances, and More

February 7: (Friends of Bolivia) Latin America’s 2nd ‘pink tide’ – how the empire failed to beat a rebellion



Friends of the ATC delegations to Nicaragua 2022

Latin American School of Medicine Scholarships

Pastors for Peace delegations to Cuba 2022

Pastors for Peace 32nd Friendship Caravan to Cuba July 16-30


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