Sunday July 25, 1pm, Michigan & Ida B. Wells (formerly Congress), Chicago: Let Cuba Live! End the US Blockade! Hands off Cuba!

Cuban President Diaz-Canel: “Revolutionaries to the Streets”

For over 60 years, the US has sought to roll back all the gains and independence won by the Cuban people, and to return them to the status of the colony they once were.

Speech delivered by Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, president of the Republic of Cuba, on the US role behind the protests, Havana,  July 17, 2021

The hardships of the Cuban people right now are not due to the policies of the government, but arise from the worsening of the US blockade combined with the economic dislocation caused by the COVID pandemic. Most of Cuba’s foreign exchange earnings came from the country being a tourist center. This income dried up with the pandemic, which. combined with the blockade, has made life increasingly difficult for Cubans.

If the US really cared about the people of Cuba, they would lift the blockade!  Instead, they are cynically using the opportunity created by their own aggression and the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic to ramp up their attacks on the Cuban government.

Defending Cuba’s right to national sovereignty cannot be separated from defending Venezuela’s or Nicaragua’s, or defending the yet to be victorious struggles of the Colombian, Haitian and Honduran peoples.

The US recently waged the same media disinformation campaign against Cuba that it did against Nicaragua in 2018, Bolivia in 2019 before the coup, or as it has done against Venezuela for years. The US media fakes photos of anti-government protests, taken from Egypt in 2011, and claim it is Cuba today. They even use photos of pro-government rallies and claim they are anti-government. The US has blocked Cuban websites, such as Granma English.  They organize a Twitter campaign #SOSCuba, like the previous #SOSNicaragua and #SOSVenezuela, receiving support from the owners of Twitter, with millions of messages, to give the illusion of a popular campaign against the government.

Cuba Proves U.S. Involvement in Destabilization Actions against the Cuban People

​The Bay of Tweets: Documents Point to US Hand in Cuba Protests


ANSWER Chicago

Chicago Cuba Coalition

Chicago ALBA Solidarity

Centro Autonomo

Chicago Anti-War Coalition

Make Noize for Change

Committee in Solidarity with Latin America

Party of Socialism and Liberation

Socialist Workers Party

Southsiders for Peace


End the US Blockade on Cuba!

Hands off Cuba!

And Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Yemen, and Palestine!

Since the era of Jose Marti over 120 years ago, the US has sought to roll back all the gains and independence won by the Cuban people and turn Cuba into a US colony like Puerto Rico.

Since 1959 revolution, from the Bay of Pigs to the 636 attempts to kill Fidel Castro, to the criminal blockade condemned by the United Nations, to biological warfare, terrorist bombings of airplanes and hotels, to the 243 new actions to punish the people of Cuba under Trump, which Biden has kept in place and worsened with his own sanctions, the Cuban people have resisted and set an example to the world.

Cuba’s “crime” is its “threat of a good example.” It provides free medical care to the people, they send doctors around the world, Cuba provides free education for all, their soldiers fought and defeated apartheid South African troops in Angola.

Cuba has chosen its own path of development that prioritizes national sovereignty and the needs of its people over US business interests. That is the threat the corporate rulers in the US see in Cuba.

Besides Cuba, the US has cruel blockades on the peoples of Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, Syria and Palestine. The US and its corporate media maintain a constant disinformation war against these countries. The US waged the same media disinformation campaign against Cuba around the July 11 protests that it did against the other ALBA countries: Nicaragua in 2018, Bolivia in 2019 before the coup, or as it has done against Chavista Venezuela for years.

The US corporate rulers fear the same Cuban “threat of a good example” in the victories of the peoples of Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia, and reacts with the same brutality.

Their goal is to impose the type of “democracy” on these countries we see in Honduras, Brazil, Haiti, and Colombia (or Bolivia for a year after the 2019 US coup). These are all murderous pro-US regimes that shut the door to any social advances for the people.

No sanctions on Cuba – and Venezuela, Nicaragua and the other 36 countries!

End the blockade on Cuba – and Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, Iran and Palestine!

Chicago ALBA Solidarity.  See Venezuela & ALBA Weekly News at

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