Venezuela & ALBA News 3.26.2021 Venezuela Battle at Colombia Border; ALBA Countries Rebuke OAS Lies; Justice against Áñez; webinars

Dan Kovalik: US invokes bugaboo of Russian & Chinese ‘menace’ in ‘our backyard’ to justify imperial ambitions to control Western hemisphere On March 16, Admiral Faller, Commander of US SouthCom, delivered a statement to the US Senate Armed Services Committee in which he stated, in the most histrionic terms, the perceived need of the US to counter Russian and Chinese influence in Latin America, lest the countries of the region fall to the East and to other countries such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, which he describes as “malign regional state actors.” Admiral Faller: “I feel an incredible sense of urgency. This Hemisphere in which we live is under assault. The very democratic principles and values that bind us together are being actively undermined by . . . the PRC [People’s Republic of China] and Russia. We are losing our positional advantage in this Hemisphere and immediate action is needed to reverse this trend.” 

Venezuelanalysis: Two Venezuelan Soldiers Killed in Operation Along Border with Colombia A communique from Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López reported that Venezuelan authorities captured 32 men and killed an individual known by the alias “El Nando,” described as being one of the leaders of the Colombian group. Six camps were destroyed and a multitude of weapons, ammunition, explosives, military supplies, vehicles and drugs were also seized.

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuelan Minister for Defense Sends Strong Message to Violent Groups on the Border with Colombia Minister Padrino López; “every violent, armed group that is generating anxiety, destabilization, extortion of our people, and that also intends to occupy our territory for drug trafficking purposes, will face the cohesive response of the FANB.” The FANB has made it clear that these are drug trafficking groups that are trying to undermine Venezuelan sovereignty. They even placed anti-personnel mines that endanger the life of the population and the peace of the Republic.

TeleSur: Venezuela Suffers New Terrorist Attack Against Gas Pipeline The oil minister announced that terrorist action damaged a gas pipeline section located in Tejero, northern Monagas state. The plant is used to compress gas and inject it at high pressure into oil wells in El Tejero, La Leona, and La Urica areas. On Saturday afternoon, two explosions were reported in the gas pipeline section, and residents in the surrounding areas had to be evacuated.

PeoplesDispatch: Venezuelan women endure the “sanctions” with their bodies Carmen Navas Reyes and Laura Franco respond to the article published in the New York Times which attempts to speak about the problems facing Venezuelan women without mentioning the economic and financial blockade imposed on the country

Venezuelanalysis: Venezuela Welcomes UN Resolution Calling to Eliminate Sanctions The United Nations Human Rights Council approved a resolution on Tuesday urging all States to stop adopting unilateral sanctions as “tools of political and economic pressure.” The text was approved with 30 votes in favor, 15 against.

Joe Emersberger: To Western Media, Prosecuting Bolivian Coup Leaders Is Worse Than Leading a Coup pointing out NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, CNN, Guardian for their defense of the coup.

Peoples Dispatch: Bolivians demand justice for crimes committed by Jeanine Áñez’s coup regime On March 22, thousands of Bolivian citizens and members of various social movements and trade unions took to the streets of the nine capitals of the country’s nine departments. The citizens held massive marches to demand justice for the Sacaba and Senkata massacres and numerous other human rights violations committed by the coup-installed regime under the rule of de-facto president Jeanine Áñez.

Documentary on Coup in Bolivia (in Spanish) Fue Golpe es un documental autogestivo e independiente que muestra la verdad detrás de la interrupción democrática del llamado “Proceso de cambio” en Bolivia durante las elecciones de octubre del 2019. Muestra el rol del gobierno mexicano, la movilización social de mujeres, campesinos, clase trabajadora, así como el papel que jugó la OEA y la derecha fascista en Bolivia.

TeleSur: Cuban President Rejects OAS’ Inter-American Commission on Human Rights OAS Lies and Manipulation  Diaz-Canel described the recent hearing as an anti-Cuba show, adding that this is an attempt at “straining and paralyzing any rapprochement between Cuba and the United States.” The president stated that notorious counterrevolutionaries were summoned to the meeting to distort the reality and slander Cuba “amid an atmosphere in  which force and arrogance prevail as a method in international relations.”

NPR: Cuba The First Latin American Country To Make COVID Vaccine

NicaNotes: Nicaragua rebuffs attacks at Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Nicaragua was one of the first countries in Latin America to give constitutional rights to its Indigenous peoples and its laws to protect their territories are justly famous (especially the Autonomy Law of 1986 and the Demarcation Law of 2003). Some 40,000 Indigenous families live in areas that are legally owned and administered by over 300 Indigenous communities, covering almost a third of the country. A handful of local NGOs, in some cases funded by the US government and aided by US and European organizations such as California’s Oakland Institute, have weaponized the human rights of Indigenous Nicaraguans.

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign: Response to Amnesty International’s latest Falsehoods
In the case of Nicaragua, by focusing entirely on evidence and allegations from sources opposed to the government, AI has produced very biased, politically charged reports that disregard acts of violence perpetrated by the opposition and the economic, social and cultural rights enshrined in its own mission and vision statements. Once again, Amnesty has produced a flawed and biased report based almost entirely on the testimony of opposition activists and NGOs and a right-wing media with a long history of hostility towards the Nicaraguan government.

Recent and Upcoming Webinars and Events

Video of Code Pink webinar: Venezuelan Communes: A people’s response to the illegal US sanctions with Angel Prado

Video of Code Pink webinar: Nicaragua in the Crosshairs of US Regime Change

video of webinar US Exceptionalism: Its Story in Nicaragua and Beyond

March 27: The Negative Impact of Unilateral Coercive Measures in the Americas

March 28: Nationwide Caravans to say End the Blockade of Cuba

April 2: Runoff Election in Ecuador: The Fight for Democracy Monica Palacios (National Assembly Representative, Unión por la Esperanza), Ramón Mendes Rivas (Acción Revolución Collective Unión por la Esperanza), David Adler (Progressive International Election Observer Delegation).

April 7: Sanctions Kill – Nicaragua in the era of US Sanctions with Nicaragua ambassador to UN Jaime Herida Castillo

April 11: Why there are no George Floyds in Cuba

April 13: Venezuela-US Relations, with Carlos Ron, Maria Paez Victor

April 19: Bolivia – People Power, Hope & Solidarity Ollie Vargas, Jeremy Corbyn, Miriam Colque (Bolivian activist in London), Alex Main 

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