Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 3.5.2021: US sanctions nearly one-third of humanity vs Cuba provided healthcare to nearly one-third of humanity

Petition: Sanctions Kill Campaign: Tell the New U.S. Administration – End Economic Sanctions in the Face of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

             A New World Is Possible: Combating COVID-19

                    Deaths per Million:    Jan 8              March 5

Cuba                                                  13                      30

Venezuela                                          37                      48

Nicaragua                                         25                      26

US                                                 1,129                 1,606

Canada                                            437                    583

Mexico                                          1,101                 1,455

El Salvador                                     214                    291

Guatemala                                       272                   355

Honduras                                         320                   423

Costa Rica                                       447                   552

Panama                                            993                1,352

Argentina                                         972                1,518

Bolivia                                              791                   998

Brazil                                               940                 1,223

Chile                                                 881                1,084

Colombia                                         884                1,174

Ecuador                                           797                   895

Peru                                              1,146                1,421

Uruguay                                            66                   181


ALBA-TCP Political Council Statement: ALBA Countries Denounce War Policies of Imperialist Countries



CubaNews: Cuba Has Assisted Almost One Third of the World’s Population in Health Care In the six decades of Cuban medical collaboration abroad, its health personnel have assisted 1.988 billion people in the world, almost a third of mankind, said Dr. Jorge Delgado Bustillo, director of the Central Unit for Medical Cooperation (UCCM). He also stated that Cuban doctors have performed more than 14,500,000 surgical operations, 4,470,000 deliveries and have saved 8,700,000 lives, results that increase the prestige of Cuban medicine in the international arena.



TeleSur: Venezuela Lost Over $30 Billion Due To the US Blockade “The U.S. has applied over 450 unilateral coercive measures, which have caused economic damages for over US$30 billion, which could have been used to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and achieve better living standards for Venezuelans,” said Maduro. His statements were previously backed up by UN Human Rights expert Alena Douhan, who recently visited Venezuela and rendered a report on the negative impact of U.S. sanctions on this South American nation.

Orinoco Tribune: Biden Extends Obama’s Executive Order Against Venezuela for One More Year “The situation in Venezuela continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States. Therefore, I have determined that it is necessary to continue with the national emergency declared in Decree 13692 with respect to the situation in Venezuela,” says part of the document that Biden sent to the Congress of his country to continue with the suffocation campaign against million of Venezuelans.

Sputnik News: Blinken Tells Guaido US Backs Continuing Multilateral Pressure on Maduro “Today Venezuelan Interim President Guaido and I discussed our unwavering support for democracy in Venezuela and our efforts to improve the lives of the Venezuelan people.”

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela Ambassador to EU Claudia Salerno: Venezuela’s Presidents Are Not Elected in Brussels After being declared persona non grata by the EU bloc, the diplomat noted “a list of sanctions has nothing to do with that message with which they say they agree,” of dialogue and electoral channels. She regretted that Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands, which call themselves the core group on Venezuela in the EU, promoted “by surprise” and without consultation, new sanctions “at a time when we were building a solid bridge to establish the criteria for dialogue, of an approach of respectful cooperation.”

TeleSur: Venezuelan Soldiers Pay Tribute to Commander Hugo Chavez Venezuela’s National Armed Forces (FANB) Friday started the 2021 “Bolivarian Shield” Exercise in honor of the eighth anniversary of the death of former President Hugo Chavez. “The military maneuvers will show to the world that the FANB is ready to confront any threats against our sovereignty and territorial integrity,” President Nicolas Maduro said and informed that the national police will also take part in the operation.



The Grayzone: Coup-supporting academics spread lies to censor The Grayzone reporting exposing Ecuador’s pseudo-left candidate Yaku Pérez

Make Chevron Clean Up: Human Rights Attorney Defending Ecuadoran Indigenous against Chevron wins one battle In a major rebuke to Chevron and US trial judge Lewis  Kaplan, a New York appeals court threw out a key contempt finding against attorney Steven Donziger that had been used to fine him millions of dollars in court costs and led to criminal contempt charges that resulted in an unprecedented 19-month house arrest without trial. Donziger became the first person in U.S. history to be targeted in a corporate prosecution by an oil company, according to observers. 



Peoples Dispatch (Cindy Forster): Bolivia for the record – the people speak

Bolivia for the record: the people speak pt. 2 A history of the struggle in Bolivia from the 2019 coup to today.


Recent and Upcoming Webinars

Building Food Sovereignty in Nicaragua with Erika Takeo and Rita Jill Clark-Gollub The US Economic War Waged at Home and Abroad

Code Pink (Teri Mattson, Margaret Flowers): US Economic War on Latin America-A Primer

About Face, Veterans against the War: U.S.-led hybrid war on Venezuela,  significance of the 2020 National Assembly elections, recent visit of UN Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan’s to investigate the impacts of US sanctions

March 5: End Sanctions on Venezuela Now! Maria Paez Victor, Alison Bodine, Nino Pagliccia

March 8: Women’s Voices from Central America Hear from women from El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, countries heavily impacted by US foreign policy 

March 9 Code Pink Capitol Calling Party: End Sanctions on Venezuela with Carlos Ron, former Minister Counsel of Political Affairs at the Venezuelan embassy in the United States; Lorena Gimenez of Género Con Clase, a feminist human rights organization; and Leonardo Flores, a coordinator of CODE PINK’s Latin America campaign.

March 14: Feminist Solidarity! Celebrating International Women’s Day and the Advancement of Cuban Women


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