Venezuela & ALBA News 2.12.2021: Congress Letter to End Sanctions; Ecuador rejects Neoliberalism; GAO Report on Sanctions

Petition: Sanctions Kill Campaign: Tell the New U.S. Administration – End Economic Sanctions in the Face of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

27 Congresspeople sign Letter Opposing US Sanctions



CEPR: GAO Report Findings Show that Biden Administration Should Scrap Trump’s Economic Sanctions That Have Killed Tens of Thousands of People in Venezuela, CEPR Co-Director Says

Resumen: The Latest News on Iván Duque and the CIA’s Attacks on Venezuela



The Grayzone: How Ecuador’s US-backed, coup-supporting ‘ecosocialist’ candidate Yaku Pérez aids the right-wing

Resumen: The Indigenous Arm of the Ecuadoran presidential campaign of  Arauz-Rabascall 



Granma: Cuba will have a million doses of COVID-19 vaccines available in April

Granma: Some 15 U.S. cities request Cuban healthcare collaboration  including Oakland, San Francisco, Richmond, Sacramento, Detroit, Berkeley, Seattle, Cambridge, MA, Cleveland

Orinoco Tribune: Washington Openly Spent about $250 Million in Subversive Actions Against Cuba Since 2000

Open Letter to President Biden to Close Guantanamo 111 organizations sign letter to Biden



Anti Conquista: An Indigenous Voice Against Neoliberalism, Imperialism & Fascism: A Review of Volveremos y Seremos Millones By Evo Morales



NicaNotes: Nicaragua, UN Climate Change conference, Climate Justice, and Reparations


Recent and Upcoming Webinars

February 13: Trump has gone – time to end US sanctions on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

February 21: Close Guantánamo Now: A Call to Action

February 25: Recent Latin American Elections Repudiate Neoliberalism, with Alex Main of CEPR

March 8: Women’s Voices from Central America Hear from women from El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, countries heavily impacted by US foreign policy 


To follow Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador daily:

Orinoco Tribune

Stand with Venezuela

Venezuela Solidarity New York


Friends of Sandinista Nicaragua

Friends of Evo’s Bolivia

Friends of Ecuador – North America

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