Venezuela & ALBA News 2.5.2021: Decisive Ecuador Election for Latin America; webinars


Peoples Dispatch: The anti-neoliberal program of Andrés Arauz, candidate of the pro-Citizens Revolution party Union for Hope (UNES)

The Grayzone: Corrupt firm funded by right-wing candidate will produce Ecuador election exit polls

MintpressNews: With Anti-IMF Candidate Surging in Polls, Ecuador’s Moreno Flies To DC Amid Talk of Suspending Election

COHA: Presidential Elections Could Bring Back the Citizens’ Revolution



Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela’s Most Prominent and Reactionary Business Association Ready to Ask US to Revoke Sanctions

FAIR (Ricardo Vaz): US Media Require No Evidence for Claims of Electoral Fraud—in Venezuela

PeoplesDispatch (VijayPrashad): How ExxonMobil uses divide and rule to get its way in South America What lies behind the fueling the border dispute between Guyana and Venezuela: oil and imperialism.

Pasqualina Curcio: The Negative Repercussions of Sanctions At the invitation of President Nicolás Maduro, Dr. Alena Douhan will visit our nation. Dr. Douhan is the Special Rapporteur of the UN Human Rights Commission covering the negative impact that unilateral coercive measures has on the enjoyment of human rights. How the Venezuelan people, the government and the armed forces have resisted democratically and peacefully for 8 years in the face of such an onslaught is invaluable information that Dr. Douhan should gather during her visit. Perhaps scheduling meetings with ordinary people could contribute to this important task that was entrusted to him.



Peoples Dispatch: Cuba: crisis, blockade and changes in 2021

Review of Helen Yaffe’s How Cuba Survived and Surprised in a Post-Soviet World From the Jacobin, which explains why an informative review barely mentions the role of the US blockade’s destruction of the Cuban economy.

AFGJ: Write to In These Times about their smear job on Cuba “the Western Hemisphere’s most undemocratic government”


Recent and Upcoming Webinars

Video: How the US blockade impacts Cuban agriculture

Video: Nicaragua’s Popular Economy and Creative Development

Video: Jose Marti – Revolutionary, Visionary, Leader

Video: Ecuador’s Presidential Election: Monica Palacios, UNES candidate for North America, interviewed by Joe Emersberger

Video Code Pink: interview with Pierina Correa Delgado, UNES National Assembly candidate, Rafael Correa’s sister

February 5: COHA Webinar – Ecuadorian Presidential Elections and the comeback of the Citizens’ Revolution, with Ricardo Patiño, former Foreign Affairs Minister of president Rafael Correa

February 7: Importance of US, Canada & Cuba health collaboration

February 10: Nicaragua, climate justice and agroecology

February 10: How to manage covid-19 – lessons from Cuba (part 1)

February 13: Trump has gone – time to end US sanctions on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

March 8: Women’s Voices from Central America Hear from women from El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, countries heavily impacted by US foreign policy 


To follow Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador daily:

Orinoco Tribune

Stand with Venezuela

Venezuela Solidarity New York


Friends of Sandinista Nicaragua

Friends of Evo’s Bolivia

Friends of Ecuador – North America

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