Venezuela & ALBA Weekly 11.27.2020: Fidel and Maradona; Venezuela Parliamentary Elections

Fidel Castro was like a second father to me: Diego Maradona

short video: Remembering Fidel Castro on the 4th anniversary of his death

COHA: Maradona: the Bolivarian Soccer Genius, Ally of Progressive Latin American leaders    TeleSur Photos

TeleSur: Cuba, Latin American Leaders Pays Homage to Fidel Castro Four Years After His Death



ANSWER: Why Venezuela’s Dec. 6 election is legitimate A good introductory summary of the situation in Venezuela over the recent years.

Orinoco Tribune: VP Delcy Rodriguez: US and Europe do Not Recognize Venezuelan Elections, No nos Importa “we do not care, we are indifferent because we exist much better without you, we do not care because it is the people who have to speak.” “All positive patients for covid-19 have been treated free of charge. “Despite the blockades, sanctions and thefts from our main assets abroad. We have obtained the medicines to serve the people. Which is not shown by the international media and their governments. ” During the activity, 10 thousand university students were present through different digital platforms, of which 337 were international guests.

Vijah Prashad with Jorge Arreaza on the Contrasting Roles of China and the US in Latin America China, Arreaza told me, “has been important in guaranteeing Venezuela’s sovereignty as United States aggressions have increased over the years.” China, Arreaza says, trades with countries without interference in their internal affairs. China has largely disregarded the U.S. sanctions against Venezuela, which is the largest recipient of Chinese loans. “When China states that it will continue to trade with Venezuela,” Arreaza told me, “it is standing against the illegality of the U.S. coercive measures that are placed on Venezuela.” Venezuela’s difficulty in servicing the debt to China is seen in Beijing as the fault of the illegal sanctions regime, which has made normal economic activity impossible; China’s “patient capital” strategy and its understanding of the geopolitical pressure on Venezuela are key to understanding its relationship.

Sputnik News: Venezuela’s UN Envoy Calls for Alliance of Nations Against US Sanctions – Video



HispanTV: Social Movements in Bolivia Prevented Jeanine Añez’s Escape

Granma: Bolivia Returns to ALBA, CELAC and UNASUR



TeleSur: Top US Congressmen Condemn Restrictions on Cuba Remittances Jim McGovern and Elliot Engel released a statement Thursday condemning the Trump administration’s recent restrictions on sending family remittances to Cuba.

Video: The War on Cuba, Part 3



Nica Notes: Update on Two Hurricanes Damage, Donate to Help  Nicaragua was the most prepared country in the region. 160,000 people were evacuated from the danger zone, Nicaragua suffered $742 million in damage. Recovery efforts so far.

Delegation: Sanctions Kill and Friends of ATC Delegation to Nicaragua January 30 – February 9, 2020


Recent and Upcoming Webinars, Delegation

Webinar Video – MEDICC: Cuba vs. COVID-19: 10 Strategies that Matter for Us

Video Nov 23 webinar: Venezuela & the US: Sanctions, Elections & National Sovereignty

December 4:  Dan Kovalik International Human Rights Day 23rd Annual Commemoration

December 8: Venezuela Votes in Defiance of US Calls for Election Boycott: The Meaning of the Results with Jesus Rodriguez and William Camacaro. Sponsored by Chicago ALBA Solidarity, Orinoco Tribune, Task Force on the Americas, Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York, Frente para la Defensa de los Pueblos Hugo Chavez, Alliance for Global Justice

[PETITION] The European Union must respect the result of the 6D elections in Venezuela

Delegation: Sanctions Kill and Friends of ATC Delegation to Nicaragua January 30 – February 9, 2020

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