Speech by David Choquehuanca on Assuming the Vice-Presidency of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, November 8, 2020


With the permission of our gods, of our elder brothers and our Pachamama, of our ancestors, of our achachilas, with the permission of our Patujú, of our rainbow, of our sacred coca leaf.

With the permission of our peoples, with the permission of all those present and not present in this room.

Today I want to share our thoughts in a few minutes.

It is an obligation to communicate, an obligation to dialogue, it is a principle of Vivir Bien.

We, the peoples of ancient cultures, of the culture of life, have maintained our origins since the dawn of time. We, the children, have inherited a millenary culture that understands that everything is interrelated, that nothing is divided and that nothing is outside.

Let’s Move Ahead Together

That’s why they say to all move ahead together, that no one is left behind, that everyone has everything and no one lacks anything. And the wellbeing of all is the wellbeing of oneself, that helping is a reason to grow and be happy, that giving up for the benefit of others makes us feel strengthened, that uniting and recognizing ourselves in the whole is the path of yesterday, today tomorrow and always from where we have never strayed

The ayni, the minka, the tumpa, our colka and other codes of ancient cultures are the essence of our life, of our ayllu. Ayllu is not only an organization of society of human beings, ayllu is a system of organization of life of all beings, of everything that exists, of everything that flows in balance on our planet or Mother Earth.

During centuries the civilizing canons of the Abya Yala were destructured and many of them exterminated, the original thought was systematically submitted to the colonial thought. But they did not manage to extinguish us, we are alive, we are from Tiwanaku, we are strong, we are like stone, we are cholke, we are sinchi, we are Rumy, we are Jenecheru, fire that never went out, we are from Samaipata, we are jaguar, we are Katari, we are Comanches, we are Mayas, we are Guaranis, we are Mapuches, Mojeños, we are Aymaras, we are Quechuas, we are Jokis, and we are all the peoples of the culture of life that we woke up larama, equal, rebel with wisdom.

A Transition Every 2,000 years

Today Bolivia and the world are living a transition that is repeated every 2,000 years, within the framework of the cyclicality of the times, we pass from no time to time, giving beginning to the new dawn, to a new Pachakuti in our history. A new sun and a new expression in the language of life where empathy for the other or the collective good replaces selfish individualism. Where Bolivians look at each other as equals and know that together we are worth more, we are in times of becoming Jiwasa again, it is not me, it is us.

Jiwasa is the death of egocentrism, Jiwasa is the death of anthropocentrism and is the death of theolocentrism. We are in time to return to being Iyambae, it is a code that has been protected by our Guarani brothers, and Iyambae is the same as a person who has no owner, no one in this world has to feel that he owns anyone and anything.

Since 2006 we started in Bolivia a hard work to connect our individual and collective roots, to be ourselves again, to return to our center, to the taypi, to the pacha, to the balance from where the wisdom of the most important civilizations of our planet emerge.

We are in the process of recovering our knowledge, the codes of the culture of life, the civilizing canons of a society that lived in intimate connection with the cosmos, with the world, with nature and with individual and collective life to build our suma kamaña, our suma akalle, which is to guarantee the individual good and the collective or community good.


We are in times of recovering our identity, our cultural root, our sake, we have cultural root, we have philosophy, history, we have everything, we are people, and we have rights. One of the unbreakable canons of our civilization is the wisdom inherited around the Pacha, to guarantee equilibrium in all time and space is to know how to administer all the complementary energies, the cosmic one that comes from the sky with the earth that emerges from under the earth.

These two cosmic telluric forces interact creating what we call life as a visible (Pachamama) and spiritual (Pachakama) totality. By understanding life in terms of energy we have the possibility of modifying our history, matter and life as the convergence of the chacha-warmi force, when we refer to the complementarity of opposites.

The new time we are starting will be sustained by the energy of the ayllu, the community, the consensus, the horizontality, the complementary balances and the common good.

Historically, revolution is understood as a political act to change the social structure, to transform the life of the individual. Historically, the revolution is understood as a political act to change the social structure, to transform the life of the individual, none of the revolutions has managed to modify the conservation of power, to maintain control over people.

Our Revolution is the Revolution of Ideas

It was not possible to change the nature of power, but power has managed to distort the minds of politicians, power can corrupt and it is very difficult to modify the strength of power and its institutions, but it is a challenge that we will take up from the wisdom of our peoples. Our revolution is the revolution of ideas, it is the revolution of balances, because we are convinced that to transform society, the government, the bureaucracy and the laws and the political system we must change as individuals.

We are going to promote the opposing coincidences to seek solutions between the right and the left, between the rebellion of the young and the wisdom of the old, between the limits of science and the unbreakable nature, between the creative minorities and the traditional majorities, between the sick and the healthy, between the rulers and the governed, between the cultured leadership and the gift of serving others.

Our truth is very simple, the condor takes flight only when its right wing is in perfect balance with its left wing, the task of forming us as balanced individuals was brutally interrupted centuries ago, we have not concluded it and the time of the age of the ayllu, community, is already with us.

It demands that we be free and balanced individuals to build harmonious relationships with others and with our environment, it is urgent that we be beings capable of sustaining balances for ourselves and for the community.

We are in the time of the brothers of the apanaka pachakuti, brothers of change, where our struggle was not only for us, but also for them and not against them. We seek the mandate, we do not seek confrontation, we seek peace, we are not from the culture of war or domination, our struggle is against all types of submission and against the single colonial, patriarchal thought, wherever it comes from.

The idea of the encounter between spirit and matter, heaven and earth of Pachamama and Pachakama allows us to think that a new woman and man can heal humanity, the planet, and the beautiful life within it and return beauty to our mother earth. We will defend the sacred treasures of our culture from all interference, we will defend our peoples, our natural resources, our freedoms and our rights.

We will return to the Qhapak Ñan

We will return to our Qhapak Ñan, the noble path of integration, the path of truth, the path of brotherhood, the path of unity, the path of respect for our authorities, our sisters, the path of respect for fire, the path of respect for rain, the path of respect for our mountains, the path of respect for our rivers, the path of respect for our mother earth, the path of respect for the sovereignty of our peoples.

Brothers, to conclude, we Bolivians must overcome division, hatred, racism, discrimination among compatriots, no more persecution of freedom of expression, no more judicialization of politics. No more abuse of power, power has to be to help, power has to circulate, power, as well as the economy, has to be redistributed, has to circulate, has to flow, as blood flows within our organism, no more impunity, justice brothers.

But justice has to be truly independent, let us put an end to intolerance of the humiliation of human rights and of our mother earth.

The new time means listening to the message of our peoples that comes from the bottom of their hearts, it means healing wounds, looking at ourselves with respect, recovering the homeland, dreaming together, building brotherhood, harmony, integration, hope to ensure peace and happiness of new generations.

Only in this way can we achieve good living and govern ourselves.

Jallalla Bolivia

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