Venezuela & ALBA News 6.19.2020: Cuba and Venezuela condemn racist First World, Continue International Solidarity and Cooperation

Speech by Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez during online conference of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA-TCP) June 10: These hard times motivate us to continue working together, with more cooperation and consensus building “Every ship to which ports have been closed; every plane that has not found a landing strip; every infected person who has been asked to pay for treatment; every financial speculation to gain advantage in obtaining medicines or protective wear that everyone needs; every unanswered request for help; every dead body without a marked grave – all tragedies that we have learned about through the most diverse means – is an expression of the self-interest and injustice of the economic models of a system whose sole purpose is to enrich minorities at the expense of the majority’s suffering. Incredibly, the over-developed world, the one that steals talent and dazzles with the brilliance of sophisticated productions, has shown itself incapable of using its enormous resources to build a global front against a pandemic that can only be overcome with two forces within everyone’s reach: cooperation and solidarity.

Cuba in UN Human Rights Council: “Racism and police violence are not the fault of the system. They are the system!”  “In the U.S. 22.2% of COVID-19 fatalities are African Americans, although they are 12.7% of the population.” African countries proposed to organize an urgent debate on racism and police violence, within the context of the global mobilization generated by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in the United States. “Almost two decades after the Durban World Conference, the scourge of racism, discrimination and xenophobia continues to advance in a world that is increasingly unequal and involved in multiple and complex crises,” said Pedro Luis Pedroso Cuesta, Cuba’s ambassador and permanent representative in Geneva.

OrinocoTribune: President Maduro: Venezuela Stands in Solidarity with the Afro-Descendant Struggle of the World – Afro Colombian Region in Crisis due to Covid-19 (Videos) “I reiterate all my solidarity and support to the family of the victims of the racist police brutality of the George Floyd family and all our solidarity and support to the struggles of the people and youth of the United States for equality, against racism, against police brutality, against the oppression of that capitalist society, ” said the President.

TeleSur and video: President Maduro: “Mike Pompeo Stop your arrogance and recognize that you don’t have what it takes to take our government down” “I have advised Mike Pompeo: stop your arrogance and recognize that you don’t have what it takes to take our government down. We are millions and we have a project, and you just can’t stop that.”

Orinoco Tribune: President Maduro Condemns European Union Interference on Venezuela’s Internal Affairs: “We are the Backyard of No One! Solve Your Covid-19 and Racism Issues and Get Out of Venezuela!” In Venezuela there will be elections, enough is enough! We are the backyard of no one! Solve your Covid-19 and racism issues and get out of Venezuela! Go far away. Here we have demolished years of colonialism, all the statues of the colonialists and the murderers, enough of you!” he said.

MintPressNews (Alan Macleod) Project Venezuela: Right-Wing Activists Push Wikipedia to Blacklist MintPress, other Alternative Media Many Wikipedia articles on Venezuela are particularly biased towards the opposition, containing numerous inaccuracies, falsehoods and non-sequiturs. Now, according to The Grayzone, a group of right-wing Venezuelans has managed to ban the use of a range of alternative media outlets that do not comport with their views. These include MintPress (already blackballed by Wikipedia), The Grayzone, and the much-lauded independent news site Venezuelanalysis, the most extensive English-language resource on the country available.

NicaNotes: US-led Nicaraguan Opposition Inflates Covid19 Death lists The US is still trying to overthrow the democratically elected president of Nicaragua who won with 72% of the vote – this time it is a Covid-19 related coup attempt. The US-led opposition is utilizing doctors instead of students to kill off Sandinistas by falsely claiming Sandinista doctors have died and by claiming that all deaths are from Covid-19 because they allege “the health system has collapsed.”

Code Pink (Medea Benjamin): Trump  Hammers Cuba while Cuba Cures the Sick It seems that the more Cuba helps the world, the more it gets hammered by the Trump administration. While Cuba has endured a U.S. embargo for nearly 60 years, Trump has revved up the stakes with a “maximum pressure” strategy that includes more than 90 economic measures placed against the nation since January 2019. Josefina Vidal, Cuba’s ambassador to Canada, called the measures “unprecedented in their level of aggression and scope” and designed to “deprive the country of income for the development of the economy.” Since its inception, the embargo has cost Cuba well over $130 billion dollars, according to a 2018 estimate. In 2018-2019 alone, the economic impact was $4 billion, a figure that does not include the impact of a June 2019 Trump administration travel ban aimed at harming the tourist industry.

Video: Danny Glover talks COVID, Cuba and Saving Lives with Cuban Ambassador Cabañas 

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