Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 1.10.2020 Internet War on Venezuela and Cuba; Cuba has the most sustainable system in the world


Morning Star: Cuba is the most sustainably developed country in the world The Sustainable Development Index (see chart here) designed by anthropologist and author Dr Jason Hickel, calculates its results by dividing a nation’s “human development” score, obtained by looking at statistics on life expectancy, health and education, by its “ecological overshoot,” the extent to which the per capita carbon footprint exceeds Earth’s natural limits.Countries with strong human development and a lower environmental impact score highly.

PeoplesWorld,Tom Whitney: When imperialism targets Cuban doctors, it targets human solidarity  U.S. interference with Cuban medical assistance to other countries is part of its long campaign—joined by right-wing allies in Latin America—to undo the Cuban Revolution. Dedication to human solidarity has defined Cuba’s revolutionary movement from the start. Cuba has achieved superior indicators of health outcome at home and has responded to the health care needs of peoples abroad. These efforts, widely known and much admired, established Cuba as a model for the world in its practice of human solidarity.

Granma: Internet and the dirty U.S. war on Cuba In February of 2018, the US created the Cuba Internet Task Force, following instructions outlined in a Presidential memorandum on national security, released June 16, 2017. In June of 2019, a Twitter storm supposedly organized by Cuban users, called on our telecommunications company Etecsa to lower Internet prices. The same source reveals that an attempt was made to present this as an initiative by students, computer engineers, etc, but the alleged activists actually lived in Florida, Texas, Tennessee and Georgia. Another attempt at manipulation occurred in connection with the Constitutional Referendum, using the hashtag #YoVotoNo on Twitter. Linked with counterrevolutionary sites and networks, thousands of false accounts flooded the island with their message. 



PrensaLatina: Venezuela denounces new US interventionist maneuver in upcoming parliamentary election  (US letter here) Foreign Minister Arreaza denounced the latest interventionist maneuver of the US government regarding the elections of parliamentarians to the National Assembly, to be held this year. Arreaza showed a diplomatic note issued by the US Executive to several foreign ministries of the world on December 17, in order to seek international support to sabotage and intervene in the parliamentary elections.

The Grayzone, Leonardo Flores: This might be the final episode of Juan Guaidó’s surreal regime change reality show The farcical scene of Juan Guaido attempting to break into Venezuela’s National Assembly as its members voted him out was just the latest chapter in an absurdly bungled coup attempt.Fistfights and screaming matches broke out at Venezuela’s National Assembly on January 5, when the legislative body was scheduled to elect its leader. But the melee was not what the corporate US media has portrayed it as.

TeleSur: Twitter Suspends Dozens of Accounts of Venezuelan officials Twitter accounts linked to Venezuela’s Central Bank, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), public media, political leaders, and journalists were suspended without explanation on Tuesday. Accounts belonging to the FANB Strategic Operating Command and Press Department were suspended. So were the accounts of the Army, the Navy, Aviation, the National Guard, and the Militia. Similarly, five media accounts were suspended, among which are the Presidential Press and the Press of the Mayor’s Office of Caracas.​​​​​

Donate to Help Venezuela: the Manitos Children’s Fund  Manitos Children”s Fund focuses on the children of Venezuela who are suffering most under US sanctions and current Trump’s economic blockade. They are not getting enough to eat and many are sick or dying from lack of access to medicine.  Under the Trump Administration, sanctions have been turned into a slow, but deadly weapon of war. You can help right now by donating or you can have a bigger impact by joining with family, friends, your church or club to raise money locally to buy food or medicine.



Internationalist360:   Bolivia: The CIA is Already Weaving the Plot for Fraud Salvador Romero, appointed as president of the TSE by the government of Áñez, appears in several cables revealed by WikiLeaks in which his close ties with the US State Department and USAID are exposed. Stella Calloni, author of the book Evo en la mira – CIA y DEA en Bolivia (Evo in the Crosshairs – CIA and DEA in Bolivia), said: “the de facto government is purging Bolivia’s electoral rolls. Everything indicates that this is a strategy to remove from the electoral rolls thousands of indigenous people who had recently obtained their identity cards and who are known to support the MAS. In addition, a lot of money has been circulated to co-opt leaders and divide MAS…The typical U.S. strategy of destroying the people’s processes and rigging elections has been set in motion. A strategy that tries to give a democratic makeup to a puppet government.”



Sandino Vive! Delegation to Nicaragua February 13-23

Program of the 15th May Day International Brigade of Voluntary Work and Solidarity with Cuba, April 27- May 10


Events Fast for Justice to Close Guantanamo, January 7-13 The land the US seized from Cuba still imprisons 55 people, not convicted of any crime, some cleared for release yet still locked up.

Venezuela Embassy Protectors January 18-28 Tour on East Coast  The four Embassy Protectors facing federal charges will be on tour  to speak about the action, the charges they are facing and what is happening in Venezuela. They have a pretrial hearing on January 29 and their trial begins on February 11 in Washington, DC at the Federal Courthouse at 333 Constitution Ave., NW. Supporters are encouraged to attend. Donations to support their legal defense will be requested.

The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) conference. NYC. February 21-23

Join the International Days of Action against Sanctions and Economic War March 13-15

Second National Conference for the Normalization of US-Cuba Relations, NYC March 21-22


Sites to Follow Venezuela, Bolivia:

Friends of Evo’s Bolivia

Stand with Venezuela

Orinoco Tribune

Venezuela Solidarity New York  

End Venezuela Sanctions

TeleSur: Live from the South  (daily news report on the Latin America struggle)

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