Venezuela-ALBA Weekly News 1.03.2020 – Venezuela 2019: A Series of Defeats for the US Empire Venezuela Is Quietly Ramping Up Oil Production  Oil production in December was the highest since January. As 2020 approaches President Maduro, the ultimate survival artist of our generation, is bound to confront a new set of challenges. He has managed to clear several roadblocks in the past twelve months – easing inflation (effectively renouncing on his previous economic policy), boosting exports and paying pack debt wherever it is due.

Orinoco Tribune-  Marco Teruggi: Venezuela: The End of the Year That was Unforeseen No one knew in January what the end of the year situation would be in Venezuela. Few, very few, imagined that it would be calm and that there would be great queues in the streets, this time not due to shortages like in 2015 or 2016, but to spend the Petro cryptocurrency bonus granted by the government for the holidays.Caracas lives a December with greater tranquility than in previous years. The economy, in a dynamic of blockade and crises has left greater spaces of respite for the population.

TeleSur video: Venezuela in 2019 a short summary of the failed coup attempts and the present peaceful country going into 2020

Workers World – Marco Teruggi: Venezuela: Five coup attempts by the US and the opposition foiled in 2019 Feb. 23: First coup attempt flopped. April 30: Opposition’s stunt failed. June 23: Third plot thwarted. Aug. 29: Attacks planned in Colombia derailed. Dec. 15: Holiday ‘bloodbath’ prevented.

Venezuelanalysis: Ociel Lopez: Venezuela, a Paradox of Stability? For Venezuelans, the start of 2019 was perhaps the tensest moment in the past 17 years. Unlike the political violence of 2017 and the electoral abstention drama of 2018, we faced a real scenario of foreign military intervention. But now the Venezuelan government is no longer on the defensive, moving to take the political initiative by calling 2020 legislative elections in a bid to seize the opposition’s last political bastion. The armed forces remain firmly behind Maduro, who has opened up negotiations with minority opposition factions. 

Orinoco Tribune – 2019: The Year Venezuela’s Government Tested its Resilience  a look over a year of beating back US regime change. “At the beginning of this year I had even nightmares that the Marines were going to take out Maduro, but suddenly we arrived at a strange December, in the stores they express the prices in dollars, there are those who buy as if nothing, nobody believes the opposition anymore and Maduro is still in the government.”

TeleSur video: 61st Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution The victory and continued success of the Cuban Revolution is the foundation for all the revolutions that followed in Latin America.

PeoplesWorld – Tom Whitney: U.S. encirclement endangers Cuba’s economy, provokes response President Miguel Díaz-Canel declared “The 61st year of the Revolution has indeed been difficult and challenging.” He blamed these troubles on the “brutal” and “demented” U.S. blockade. The U.S. government is seeking to undermine Cuban programs of international medical solidarity. Díaz-Canel highlighted accomplishments in 2019, among them: the building of 43,700 new housing units, 80 new railroad cars, and 300 new buses—assembled in Cuba. He mentioned salary increases for workers, expanded telephone service and internet access, and 3,855 new hotel rooms for tourists. Cuba hosted more than four million foreign visitors in 2019.

Resumenlatinoamericana: The Latin American and Caribbean Left in 2019 These highly significant events are the most outstanding issues during this year and they represent undeniable victories for the revolutionary and progressive forces: one, victories in Mexico and Argentina. Two, large people’s protests across the continent since the first quarter of the year, cornering governments in several countries of the region, particularly Chile’s Piñera and Colombia’s Alvaro Uribe-Ivan Duque. Three, the stability and public order existing in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua  are opposite to the lack of unpopular right-wing governments, all of them hanging by a thread and basically sustained with the United States’ support.

Help Venezuela: Donate to the Manitos Children’s Fund  Manitos Children”s Fund focuses on the children of Venezuela who are suffering most under US sanctions and current Trump’s economic blockade. They are not getting enough to eat and many are sick or dying from lack of access to medicine.  Under the Trump Administration, sanctions have been turned into a slow, but deadly weapon of war. You can help right now by donating or you can have a bigger impact by joining with family, friends, your church or club to raise money locally to buy food or medicine.



Sandino Vive! Delegation to Nicaragua February 13-23


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TeleSur: Live from the South  (daily news report on the Latin America struggle)

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