Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 12.27.2019: Aid Venezuela & the Embassy Protectors; Trade Union resolutions on Bolivia Coup; Venezuela border fighting

Ajamu Baraka, Bahman Azad: Embassy Protectors Are Being Denied Their Right To A Fair Trial Judge Howell ruled the jury will not be allowed to consider the contentious legality of the Trump administration’s recognition of the leadership of the coup in Venezuela, and thus the legal basis of the charges the defenders are facing. Judge Howell’s lack of objectivity  was revealed when she referred to the embassy protectors as a “gang” and stated the facts supported their guilt. She made it clear a trial will result in their conviction and promptly made rulings that will ensure that outcome.

Help Venezuela: Donate to the Manitos Children’s Fund  Manitos Children”s Fund focuses on the children of Venezuela who are suffering most under US sanctions and current Trump’s economic blockade. They are not getting enough to eat and many are sick or dying from lack of access to medicine.  Under the Trump Administration, sanctions have been turned into a slow, but deadly weapon of war. You can help right now by donating or you can have a bigger impact by joining with family, friends, your church or club to raise money locally to buy food or medicine.

Marco Teruggi: Military Assault Raises Alert in Venezuela An armed group assaulted a military facility in the south of Venezuela, in the state of Bolivar, bordering Brazil.This group was connected with Guaido’s sector of the opposition.One week earlier Venezuela captured members of a group that were planning to assault two barracks in the state of Sucre, in the eastern part of the country, on December 15. Meanwhile, on January 5 the new president of the National Assembly will take office, which may cause problems for  the United States and its allies.

Trade Union Statements on the Coup in Bolivia: National Nurses United  United Electrical Workers(UE)      Education International        International Transport Workers’ Federation,     AFL-CIO President Trumka CUPW     WFTU      Ontario Federation of Labour   CUPE     UNIFOR

TeleSur; Argentina President Calls out International Double Standard on Violence Against Chilean Protests compared to Venezuela  He compared the internal affairs of Chile and Venezuela: “We must be fair, Piñera imprisoned 2,500 people and nobody said anything.”  President Fernández questioned the international silence regarding the human rights violations committed by the security forces in Chile during the protests against the policies of Sebastián Piñera that began more than two months ago.

Stan Smith: The Coup in Bolivia – Lessons for our Movement Many liberal and faux “left” websites and groups have become transmission belts for this regime change propaganda into the progressive movement, sometimes even taking NED funding. This has been countered from an anti-imperialist stance by our “tribunes of the people”. Examples include Alan Macleod on Venezuela, AFGJ on Nicaragua, The Grayzone on China, Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley on Syria, Popular Resistance on Hong Kong, Consortium News and Stephen Cohen on Russiagate, on Libya, Dan Kovalik, Phil Wilayto on Iran…Besides working to build a more united mass anti-imperialist movement, necessary tasks for us today include continuing to educate the public about, one, widespread corporate media disinformation, two, the need to respect the sovereignty of other nations, and three, unmasking the faux left which behaves like amateur soft agents of the US intelligence services.

Rebeca M. Westphal: The Vanguard of Chavism Has a Woman’s Face: A Chronicle of Their Resistance in 2019 For three years we have been experimenting with one of the organizational forms that best express the will of the poor Venezuelan woman to resolve the economic difficulties of the community as if they were her own home. In March 2017, during a speech in the state of Yaracuy, Nicolás Maduro stated the significant fact that 73% of the street leaders who make up the CLAPs are women… We added to our agenda the integration of the Bolivarian Militia, a component of the Armed Forces that already has 3.3 million militiamen. What survives is the extraordinary fact that we achieved with the sum of our collective effort: to overcome, under permanent resistance, another year in the geopolitical dispute of the United States against the world, which has Venezuela as one of its principal foci.

Prensa Latina: Maduro highlights delivery of 3 million homes in Venezuela Venezuela’s Great Housing Mission, started in 2011, has just now built 3 million homes for the people.That means 11.4 million Venezuelans have with new homes, 40% of today’s population today. It plans to build another 2 million by 2025. 


Apply for the US ELAM Medical School Scholarship



The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) conference. NYC. February 21-23

Join the International Days of Action against Sanctions and Economic War March 13-15

Second National Conference for the Normalization of US-Cuba Relations, NYC March 21-22

Conference: Confronting Imperialism’s War Machine: The Global Struggle for Peace, Social Justice, National Sovereignty and the Environment. Cyprus, March 28-29



Sandino Vive! Delegation to Nicaragua February 13-23


Sites to Follow Venezuela, Bolivia:

Friends of Evo’s Bolivia

Stand with Venezuela

Orinoco Tribune

Venezuela Solidarity New York  

End Venezuela Sanctions

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