Q & A Session with Charlie Hardy, Reportback from a month in Venezuela

Monday, November 4, 6-8 pm

Chicago Public Library, Sulzer Branch auditorium

4455 N. Lincoln Avenue , Chicago

(near Montrose and Western stops on the Brown Line)

Charlie Hardy, long time resident of Venezuela, author of Cowboy in Caracas, and frequent speaker on Chavista Venezuela, will be in Chicago just after spending October in Venezuela.

He will be speaking in a question and answer format on his recent experience of the situation in Venezuela today. This will include the effects of the US blockade, scarcities, inflation, crime, corruption, the versatility of the Venezuelan people in fighting back, the communal and cooperative networks and more.

Sponsored by Chicago ALBA Solidarity

3 thoughts on “Q & A Session with Charlie Hardy, Reportback from a month in Venezuela

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