Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 8.30. 2019: UN Praises Evo Morales’ Work to Combat Amazon Fires while Rightwing Tries to Smear Him, Derail his Re-election


UN Praises Bolivia’s Efforts to Combat Amazon Fires  UN General Assembly President María Fernanda Espinosa praised Bolivia’s efforts in combating the Amazon fires that have affected Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay. The comments come amid criticism leveled at Bolsonaro for inaction, while Bolivia has been praised for mobilizing large efforts to help extinguish fires in their country.

Bolivia Fires Over 85% Extinguished

Bolivia Aims for Complete Food Independence by 2020 (with video)



Full Report by Francisco Rodriguez: Sanctions and the Venezuelan Economy: What the Data Say This paper considers the evidence on the effect of financial and oil sanctions in the 2017-19 period on Venezuelan oil production and broader socio-economic indicators. Using a panel of countries covering 95% of the world’s oil production, we show that Venezuela’s acceleration in the rate of decline in oil output after the imposition of financial sanctions in 2017 was more rapid than that of all other oil-producing economies in the world except for those undergoing armed conflict at the time. Using synthetic control methods, we estimate that financial sanctions were associated with a decline in production of 797,000 barrels per day, which at today’s oil prices would represent $16.9 billion a year in foregone oil revenues.

Orinoco Tribune: Polio Vaccination Campaign has now Reached 96% of Venezuelan Children

Citibank Blocks Funds for Insulin: More Than 450,000 Venezuelans Affected

Venezuela Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza: Venezuela’s Strange Dictatorship We believe in political dialogue as the essence of the participatory and protagonistic democracy. Do not believe in fairy tales or let yourselves fall into the trap of the media dictatorship, which responds and supports the fierce world dictatorship of capital. The dilemma about the Venezuelan political system ends up being a trap for fools, very well elaborated in the CIA labs. In our democracy, with our organized people, we will defeat all aggression, all interference, and all intervention.

120 Countries Defend Venezuela at the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Caracas The states of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries ratified their recognition of the government of Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro, rejected any attempt to expel the South American country from the UN, and approved the creation of a technical group that will work to combat the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the most vulnerable peoples.

NACLA: Washington Intensifies Its Collective Punishment of Venezuelans Despite previous sanctions leading to over 40,000 deaths in Venezuela over two years, the U.S.has escalated its economic offensive, all in the name of freedom and human rights.

Documentary: Venezuelans Under Siege / Venezuela frente las sanciones U.S. sanctions block the Venezuelan people from obtaining food and medicine. They resulted in at least 40,000 deaths between mid-2017 and the end of 2018, according to a study by the Center for Economic and Policy Research – and that was prior to the most severe sanctions, which were announced in January 2019. VENEZUELANS UNDER SIEGE documents the impacts of the sanctions, plus the ways that ordinary Venezuelans are organizing to survive the crisis and to build new institutions of participatory socialism.

Embassy Protectors Defense Committee: Drop All Charges Against Embassy Protectors! The newly formed Embassy Protectors Defense Committee created in response to the arrest and bogus charges leveled by the Trump Administration against the last four remaining activists of the Embassy Protective Collective that occupied the Venezuela Embassy for 37 days, has launched an international campaign to demand that the Trump administration drop all Federal charges against the protectors.



Cuban Government Statement: U.S. Government Allocates Millions of Dollars to Sabotage Cuban Medical Cooperation with other Countries USAID finances projects to discredit and sabotage Cuba’s international health care cooperation in dozens of countries, benefitting millions of people.The core of this slander is the totally unfounded allegation that Cuba is involved in the trafficking of persons and practices slavery. 

TeleSur: Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution Changed the World



Third Anti-imperialist Solidarity Conference for Democracy and against Neoliberalism, Havana, November 1-3, 2019  (click here for how to go)

Troy, NY Sept. 5: Margaret  Flowers, Kevin Zeese: Drop all Charges against the 4 Embassy Protectors

Columbia, MD Sept 7:  Cuban First Secretary Miguel Fraga and Mavis Anderson: The Status of US-Cuba Relations

Toronto Sept 27:  Dan Kovalik and Arnold August – US-Venezuela-Cuba-Canada, the Geopolitics

California October tour of Margaret  Flowers, Kevin Zeese, Embassy Protectors



Bolivia October 16-25 for Presidential Election, Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Resistance

African Awareness Association tour to Cuba for November Solidarity Conference

Cuba: Building Relations with Cuban Labor:  November 2019 Trip to Cuba

Cuba with Code Pink December 14-18/21

Calixto Garcia Solidarity Brigade December 1-14, 2019

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