Venezuela-ALBA Weekly News 7.12.2019 #264: Taking apart the Bachelet UN Human Rights Report on Venezuela

Venezuela: Responses to Bachelet UN Human Rights Report

Alfred de Zayas: UN human rights report on Venezuela fundamentally flawed and disappointing

Pasqualina Curcio Curcio: Provide Evidence, Mrs. Bachelet

Resumen Latinoamericano: Venezuela Urges UNHCR to Correct 70 Mistakes in its Report

Statement by Venezuelan Government in Response to Bachelet’s UNHCR Report

Grayzone: ‘Weaponizing human rights’: UN chief Bachelet’s Venezuela report follows US regime change script 

Nino Pagliccia: Faulty by Design: the UN Report on Human Rights in Venezuela

International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity: Response to the Report on Venezuela by the High Commissioner of the UN Human Rights Council, Michelle Bachelet

Venezuelanalysis:Norway, Bachelet, and the Twilight of Guaido’s Insurrection



US Trying to Destroy Venezuela political dialogue in Barbados

Arnold August reviews Dan Kovalik’s The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela

Roger Harris: Why the US Puppet President of Venezuela is Toast

Pasqualina Curcio Curcio: Mass Exodus from Venezuela – another Regime Change Big Lie

Black Perspectives: (Anti)Blackness, Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution, and Guaidó’s Attempted Coup



Book review: Live From Nicaragua: Uprising or Coup? A Reader

NicaNotes: The Strategic Retreat from Managua to Masaya

Nicaragua: 4,800 Local Peace Commissions in Place for Dialogue



Find upcoming local actions: US Hands off Iran & Venezuela Actions Stop the Raids and Deportations

July 13 Tucson: Dan Kovalik: Using Food as a Weapon: US Sanctions Are a Crime

July 14, 16,  Chicago: Cuban presentation on the Impact of the US Blockade of Cuba on Cuba’s Economic, Social and Environmental Programs

July 20 Washington  DC 5th Annual Conference Forum of Sao Paulo



Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York:   Venezuela (August 19-28)     

Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York:  Bolivia (October 16-25)

USLAW – AfGJ Delegation to Colombia Nov. 24- Dec. 4, 2019


Sites to Follow Venezuela

Stand with Venezuela

Orinoco Tribune

Venezuela Solidarity New York  

End Venezuela Sanctions 

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