Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 4.26.2019 Activists’ Defense of DC Venezuela Embassy a New Front against US Aggression

Venezuela Embassy words words

Venezuela Embassy Defense

Join The Emergency Venezuelan Embassy Protection Mobilization April 27-28

Venezuelan Embassy stands strong; activist-tenants vow to resist illegal eviction

Orinoco Tribune: Activists Help Protect the Venezuelan Embassy in the United States

Activists Remain in the Venezuela Embassy with Gratitude from the Venezuela Foreign Ministry




Former UN Human Rights Official Alfred de Zayas: U.S. Goal Is to “Asphyxiate” Venezuela

US Forces Ready to Attack Venezuela: Southern Commander

Economists Warn Trump’s Sanctions Targeting Venezuela ‘A Death Sentence for Tens of Thousands of People’  (CEPR)

CEPR Report: Economic Sanctions as Collective Punishment:The Case of Venezuela

Peace and Solidarity with Venezuela: Dialogue with Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela Minister of Foreign Affairs (video)




Granma: Trade unionists of the world defend Cuba

Revolutionary Government Declaration: The Cuban Revolution reiterates its resolute determination to confront the aggressive U.S. escalation, and prevail



Events, Delegations, Webinars, Protests

April 28 Miami: In Defense of Socialism; Hands off Venezuela, Cuba, & Nicaragua

April 30 Venezuela Webinar: Delegation Report back: Eyewitness Fact-finding Mission to Study the Impact of Sanctions

May 2-4 Boston:Telling the Truth about Venezuela: Eyewitness Reportbacks

Gloria la Riva Eyewitness Venezuela speaking tour in different cities

Solidarity with Nicaragua! Webinar – Delegation Report Back Video; Part 2 Solidarity with Nicaragua! Webinar Series April 28

June Delegation to Venezuela with Anti-Sanctions Campaign: contact

Delegation to Bolivia October 2019



Facebook Pages and Websites to follow Venezuela:

Venezuela Embassy Collective, Washington DC

Orinoco Tribune

Stand with Venezuela  

Venezuela Solidarity New York  

End Venezuela Sanctions

ALBA: Latin American Alliance

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