Charlie Hardy Speaking on the US War on Venezuela, Chicago March 17-19

Sunday March 17, 10 am

Third Unitarian Church

301 N Mayfield Ave, Chicago

contact: Laurel Schmidt

Monday March 18, 2-5 pm

Evanston Public Library

1703 Orrington Ave,  Evanston

with film showing of Charlie vs. Goliath  about Charlie Hardy’s run for Senate

contact:  Timi Papas

Monday March 18, 7pm sharp

Sulzer Regional Public Library

4455 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

contact:  Timi Papas , Victor Hernandez

Tuesday March 19, 12:30 pm

Purdue University Northwest

Room 117 Porter,  2200 169th St, Hammond, IN

contact: Lee Artz

Charlie Hardy, a former Catholic priest from Wyoming , works with the poor of the barrios of Caracas Venezuela. Hear about how the Bolivarian revolution changed Venezuela, from their viewpoint. Hear how the Venezuelan people are organizing to prepare for US aggression, and how the US sanctions are hurting their lives.

Saul Landau described Charlie’s book Cowboy in Caracas as “an antidote to the poisonous US government mantra against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. Ironically, Cowboy isn’t about Chávez, but about the exciting processes he has helped initiate and about the awakening of Venezuela ‘s poor whom the US media neglects.”

A recent TV program with Charlie Hardy and Lee Artz:

Charlie Hardy: Before and After the Arrival of Hugo Chavez

Here is an interview with him on The Real News Network:

cowboy in caracas

“Charles Hardy has given us a unique perspective on the Chávista revolution as viewed from a cardboard shack on a hillside barrio in Caracas . Writing in a graceful and conversational style in a series of vignettes, Hardy conveys with genuine affection and admiration the dignity and courage of the ordinary people of Venezuela –people whom the Western media, ensconced in fine hotels or tony apartments, only know as maids and waiters. A reader comes away understanding both why Hugo Chávez is loved by these people–and why the U.S. Government is trying so hard to oust him. With the Bush administration still trying to demonize Chávez and his backers, this book is a must read for all Americans–a must read that you won’t be able to put down.”–Dave Lindorff, columnist for Counterpunch and co-author with Barbara Olshansky, of The Case for Impeachment ( St. Martin ‘s Press, 2006)

“Before we take one more bite of the toxic propaganda sandwich our government offers us to nourish their view that Hugo Chávez is a monster suppressing the poor of Venezuela , read this fine book by Charles Hardy, a former Catholic priest from the United States who spent 8 years tending and nurturing the poor in the cardboard slums of Caracas . Even if you choose to ignore that Chávez was democratically elected three times by his own people and defended by them from a US instigated coup, this book will make indelibly clear, the economic horror and chaos foisted on the Venezuelan people by the IMF, World Bank, and free-market privateers. When you understand the grinding, debilitating poverty our nation and its institutions have wrought on the Venezuelan people, it will take you a long way toward appreciating the Presidency of the man they consider their savior, Hugo Chávez. Read this important book, and drop the propaganda sandwich in the trash where it belongs.”–Peter Coyote, actor/writer

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