Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 2.15.2019 #247 US Planning a Military Attack; We Organize: Feb. 23, March 16, 30

thumbnail_Snow White words

Cuba Warns of a US Military Build-up near Venezuela

Red Cross of Colombia: US action to Venezuela is not “Humanitarian Aid”

Venezuelans signing Open Letter to the US Denouncing Aggression against their country

Interview with Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza

Will you support genocide in Venezuela?: Congress member Ilhan Omar challenges notorious coup-monger Elliott Abrams



Haiti and Venezuela and the US Response

Opposition Rallies and Elections in Haiti and Venezuela: Opposing US Reaction

How Trump’s attacks on Venezuela triggered a revolution in Haiti



Upcoming Marches and Protests against US Intervention:

February 23: Global Day of Action in Defense of Venezuela and No War on Venezuela Website

March 16 National March on Washington: Hands off Venezuela!

March 30 March on Washington: No to NATO, US Hands off Venezuela



Dan Kovalik Speaking Tour

Dan Kovalik planned Spring 2019 US-Canada speaking tour on US Intervention in Venezuela and Latin America

Kovalik events in Ontario Feb. 14-18, Albany March 4, Boston March 5



Trade Union Statements on US, Canada Intervention in Venezuela

CUPE Statement on the situation in Venezuela

San Francisco Labor Council Resolution: “No to US Intervention and Attempted Coup in Venezuela!”


Venezuela websites in English: Orinoco Tribune     Venezuelanalysis   TelesurEnglish

Facebook Pages  Stand with Venezuela   End Venezuela Sanctions  Venezuela Solidarity New York


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