Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 12.28.2018 Statements from ALBA 16th Summit


alba summit3 copy

In ALBA Summit, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel highlights the achievements of ALBA, stands with Venezuela and Nicaragua, calls for a united front against imperialist aggression

Final Declaration of the XVI ALBA-TCP Summit held in Havana, December 15,  2018



Government of Venezuela Delivers Toys for 10 Million Children

Network in Defense of Humanity: Call to Respect the Sovereignty of the People of Venezuela

Russia Debates Sending Second Military Group to Venezuela

Venezuela Warns US To STOP Interference After Intercepting Invading ExxonMobil Vessel

Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone shares his reflections on meeting and working with Hugo Chavez



Failed Regime Change in Nicaragua. OAS and Amnesty International: Killing, Torturing Sandinistas Is OK


Cuban Lawmakers Approve Revised Draft of New Constitution; goes to national referendum in February



Evo Morales: US Retreat from Syria is a Victory for the Syrian People

Bolivia is a Latin American Leader in Economic Growth: UN Report


Toronto, January 5: Celebrate 60th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, with Cuban Ambassador Josefina Vidal



14th May Day International Volunteer Work Brigade in Solidarity with Cuba, April 21 to May 5, 2019

IFCO/Pastors for Peace delegations to Cuba

Delegation to Venezuela, March 17-24, 2019     

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