Camilo Mejia: The Nicaraguan crisis – A U.S. regime change operation

Camilo Mejia

The Nicaraguan crisis – A U.S. regime change operation

Camilo Mejia was born in Nicaragua but moved to the US as an adolescent. Shortly after graduating from high school, after only two college semesters, he joined the U.S. Military and was eventually deployed to Iraq in 2003. After five months in active combat, including posts in Baghdad, al Haditah, al Assad, and al Ramadi  he was sent home on leave, where he recognized and publicly condemned the Iraq war as criminal and immoral. He was subsequently court-martialed and charged with desertion, and sent to serve nine months of incarceration at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. Mejia lives in Miami and continues to actively speak out against U.S. imperialism.

The Nicaraguan crisis: A U.S. regime-change operation

Former Prisoner of Conscience Camilo Mejia Condemns Amnesty International on Nicaragua

Camio Mejia on Democracy Now




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3 thoughts on “Camilo Mejia: The Nicaraguan crisis – A U.S. regime change operation

  1. I have respect for Camilo Mejia’s resistance to the U.S. war machine and his service as a c.o. I cannot respect his distorted, oversimplified, and ideology-driven view of the situation in Nicaragua. In his vehement support for the Ortega regime he refuses to credit the cry for justice by the Nicaraguan people. The great majority in Nicaragua began calling for the Ortega to step down after the regime started shooting dissenters. Not since the days of Somoza has Nicaragua seen such egregious abuse of human rights. Mejia has to get real, and let go of his blind loyalties. His own father had to flee into exile to escape assassination by government bullets.
    Adrianne Aron, Berkeley long-time solidarity worker and anti-imperialista


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