AFGJ Venezuela-ALBA Weekly #234 11.9.2019 upcoming delegations to Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela

George Galloway Venezuela


Steve Ellner speaks on opposing US Sanctions against Venezuela, this week in the Midwest

The Troika of Tyranny: The Imperialist Project in Latin America and Its Epigones


Colombia suggests alliance with Brazil’s Bolsonaro to overthrow Venezuela’s Maduro

Bank of England Refusing Venezuelan Request to Return $550 Mln in Gold

Joe Emersberger: Transcript of a talk I gave on fighting the media’s propaganda campaign against Venezuela’s government

Maduro: Venezuela Sitting on 2nd Biggest Gold Reserve on Earth

A Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela? A Case Study into NGO Mercy Corps



The Managua Bishop who backed violence in Nicaragua

Refugee Caravan: Where are the Nicaraguans?


IFCO/Pastors for Peace delegations to Cuba

Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee tour to Cuba December 29- January 9

AFGJ Friends ot ATC Delegation to Nicaragua, January 3-13

The Campaign to End US and Canada Sanctions against Venezuela Delegation to Venezuela, March 17-24, 2019     for info contact


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