Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 10.19.2018: Organizing against US Provocations against Cuba and Venezuela

Hugo Chavez US imperialism 3

Steve Ellner speaks on opposing US Sanctions against Venezuela, this week in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Sacramento, San Francisco

October 20 rally in NYC against US Blockade of Cuba and US Aggression against Venezuela

Washington, DC: Oct. 27 forum with Cuba first secretary Miguel Fraga; Rally Oct. 28 against US Blockade of Cuba

Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee tour to Cuba December 29- January 9



Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations: Cuba rep to UN denounces new  US anti-Cuban smear

The United States orchestrates unprecedented provocation against Cuba in the United Nations

‘No Moral Authority’: Cuba Denounces Hypocritical US ‘Jailed For What?’ Campaign



Wolf at the Door: Prospects of US Military Intervention in Venezuela

Venezuelan Ambassador Expelled from Ecuador

Venezuela Ditches Dollar as US Sanctions Hit Private Sector

Fire This Time: Why is the CBC Lying About Venezuela? Anna Maria Tremonti Manufactures Dissent



Chuck Kaufman: Humanitarian Intervention, A False Doctrine

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